Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I fail at life.

Hey, guys!
Yesterday, I posted saying that I was taking a break and I wasn't sure when I'd be back.
Well, I'm back.
I think, LOL.
Well, of course, I don't know whether I'm going to blog tomorrow or not. But, I'm blogging today! :D
Sorry for ditching you all for so long D;
I guest posted over at InsomniaStrikes about a Brush With Death I had. Which was actually really dramatic and not really-but-sort of a brush with death.
Anyways, pre-prom is TONIGHT. Yes, tonight oh my goodness I will die of excitement. I got my hair done and my nails are painted chrimson, which I think is a really sexy color.
I'm going to pluck my eyebrows soon. -.-' I hate plucking my eyebrows. But if I don't pluck them, they become horrible shapeless blocks so.... that must be plucked.
Also, I got a dress that makes my butt look nice, so yay for me!
Hmm... what else?
Nothing really spectacular happened. Just some horrible stuff happening at school with friends. I have GOT to thank my friends Léa, Jasmine and Bipreet for helping me through it. They are real friends. :)
Um... OH! Pictures!
(From left to right) Jasmine, me and Sophie.
Look how cool we are. LOL. Jasmine's pose is the funniest.

Jasmine and I
Lol I look like a fatsack.
(Fatsack= Complete weirdo/loser.)

Oh and new musical obsessions:

Toute la night(All Night) by La Fouine.

It's in French, but meh. Maybe you can still enjoy it. :)

Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone


Beggin' by Madcon

My jam.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Taking a break...

Hey, people! Seeing as I haven't been blogging in so long, it is clear that I am taking a break. I've been taking breaks often recently. :(
I just can't muster the interest to blog. It's feeling like a chore.
However, I have been on Tumblr A LOT (because all I have to do is reblog stuff) and I'm super addicted.
So, if you want to chat, send me a message on there. :) And I still check my email so you're free to email me stuff if you have nothing better to do.
Tomorrow's pre-prom so I'm excited :D
I don't know when I'll post again, but soon because I've been away from Blogger for so long already. I just need a really long break. :)

Friday, December 2, 2011


A great huge 30th birthday wish to the queen of pop! <3

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I got my grad pictures today! Here they are:

I like the one with the diploma and the hat best. xD Thank God that's the one that will be in the yearbook!
Byeee! <3

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

R.I.P. George Harrison.

As you all know, I am a huge Beatles fan. So... R.I.P. GEORGE! <3
(23 February 1943 - 29 November 2001)


Today was alright...

I had math. Which I love because a) it's so easy I can sleep all class, every class and get nineties. And b) I have the best people in that class.
And I mean THE BEST people.
Like, I have Sebastian (remember him? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.) And these other cool kids. Like my friends T and O who are really funny. And this dude named V who's cool also. And he calls me "Big Boss" so I can't complain about him.
Today in math, there was a student teacher. This really pretty blonde from... some province I can't remember. Anyways, she's going to a university around where I live and is basically at my school for some time to study the teachers and the classes and whatever.
Sebastian obviously was giving her a hard time. Well, not really, but he was super talkative. XD It was quite amusing. Even she was laughing quite a bit.
Somehow, we got onto the topic of this blog and O wanted the link. So I gave it to him. I also gave it to T. Sebastian already has the link because he's so loved here, am I right?
Yeah. So. Peace! <3

PS: I'm getting super distracted from reading A Short History of Nearly Everything. Not because it's not totally bawwss. Because it is, trust me. But, because I love romances so much that I want to start them. So, right now, I'm reading Eve by Anna Carey.

It's pretty cool and if you guys want, I'll post a review when I'm done. :)
PPS: I told Ms. J that I was going to return ASHONE because I was getting distracted by a romance.
Her: In your life? Or a book?
Me: (amused) A book.
Pfffffttttt romance in real life. Pffffffttttttttt. Not.
She said that I can give it back whenever I'm ready though. Just by the end of the school year. So, I'm just going to read it in-between novels. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

I have got to DO something.

Today in Contemporary World class (basically a class about stuff happening presently), my teacher Mr. L showed us a video. It's really inspirational.
I mean, I don't know about you, but during the video, I was getting all shivery. I could literally feel my body filling with, like... adrenaline or whatever.
It got me so hyped up.
Mostly because the video aggravated me and makes me want to do whatever I can to help.
But I can't help right now because I'm broke and can't really... do... anything...
But, I will in the future. :)
I will.
I promise you girls out there! I promise!
(I am a HUGE feminist)
Here's the vid, bros:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm still alive. :)

I haven't been blogging much because to be honest, I am SUPER caught up with The Sims 3 Late Night. So, yes. I shall probably blog tomorrow. Maybe.
I'm supposed to go pre-prom dress shopping tomorrow :) I hope :D
Laters! <3

Thursday, November 24, 2011

NO WAY fact of the week!

On November 11, 2011 a baby was born at 11:11 a.m. (11/11/11 11:11)
There was only one birth reported at this time. What is the best part? The baby was born on Remembrance Day to a veteran couple!  The boy's mother is an Air Force veteran and his father currently serves in the Air Force. This is a third generation military family. 

How cool is that?! xD


I'm going to change the dates and stuff on this blog to French. I want to have a more French and English feel, you know?
I want this blog to be more personal. And in Quebec, it's all about English and French. Actually, they kind of don't like each other very much.
But whatever. I think it'll be cool. And it looks so nice. I like French haha.
Plus, French is so close to English that you'll be able to easily figure out the months.

PS: I just did it, so if you're reading this now, it's done.

My apologies, friends.

Hey, guys!
Sorry I haven't been blogging much. I have been so busy. I'm not even kidding. It's like all my teachers decided to give me assignments this week. Like why, dudes? WHY?!
I have a psychology assignment due on Michael Jackson for Monday. Which is a lot of work. But, it's fun. I'm a fan of Michael so it's cool to look up stuff about him.
Also, he was so hot during the Thriller album era. Oh my goodness. I watch the Thriller music video every now and then just to stare at him like a perv.
Anyways, I also have tons of other assignments I don't really feel like thinking about right now.
Um... oh! Guess what? Ms. J lent me a book. How funny is that?! I was seriously just chilling in class before it started (I always get to class early) reading a book. Then, she asked me what it was about. So we were just chatting about books. And it was a bit weird to be honest because she's my teacher. But whatever. She told me about a book she had: A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

She lent it to me and it's actually pretty interesting.
Of course, I'm protecting it with my life now because it's a teacher's, but whatever.
It's cool.
I'm actually at school right now. LOL. In my Entrepreneurship class. I finished all my work so I can just chill on the computer. So I thought: Hey! Why not blog?!
And yeah.
I'm going this weekend to buy a pre-prom dress. The most I'm spending is fifty bucks because it's only pre-prom. For prom, I'm going all out. Gonna get all blinged out.
I was thinking something short and cute.
Anyways, I'll go and comment on other peoples' blogs now. :)

PS: Ouuu lunch is pizza today! Yessssss. I love the pizza at my school. And the cookies. I actually like my school's lunch. No joke.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Help a sistuh out!

Hey, guys! Please press like on this picture if you have a Facebook account. It's to help out a great blogger named Cindy at Oriental Espresso!
You don't even have to like a page or anything. Just like the picture :D
She'll win a 200 dollar shopping spree! The person with the most likes wins :)
Help Cindy out!! :D <3

Oh and...

I got on honor roll! So, basically, my overall average was over 80 percent! :D I'm so happy! I want to stay on honor roll all year. I want colleges to look at my applications and think "OH WOW HER GRADES ARE GREAT! MUST. HAVE. HER. AT. MY. COLLEGE!"
*Jammin' to Breaking Dawn soundtrack like a bawwsss.


Just for your information: This is sort of like a review for Breaking Dawn Part One. Sort of.
I don't think this is the actual movie poster, but whatever.
I saw it today and it was amazing! I loved it so much :D And I saw Jack and Jill which was alright.
But Breaking Dawn! Oh my goodness! AMAZING.
I can't wait for part two. I enjoyed part one so much. If you're a huge Twilight fan like me, go see it! They went EXACTLY by the book. Which I liked. I was able to predict everything that was going to happen because I've read the book like over ten times.
Plus, the soundtrack is AMAZING. I'm jamming to it now XD
Anyways, I had lots of fun. :)

PS: 295 followers! Yikes! :D Thank you, peeps! Much love <3

Monday, November 14, 2011

Swag à la max, bro.

So, hey people! I have been chosen along with a few other girls to go to an Entrepreneurial workshop for WOMEN. How cool is that?! Girl power to the max!
And by now you guys MUST know how strongly I believe in girl power. Even though I can't muster the courage to tell He Who Shall Not Be Named that he's totally smexyfied and awesome and therefore I must marry him and have his babies.
Whoa there, did I say have his babies?
I meant to say have his ring.
Whoa, did I say have his ring? I must be going crazy today.
I totally meant to just be his friend. You know? A friend who has his babies and his ring.
ANYWAYS. Back to the entrepreneurship thingy-ma-jig. I was chosen. Henceforth, I got really good marks in that class and my teacher chose me to go. So, of course I feel super duper special.
I thanked my teacher and whatnot.
I am so very grateful to go to a workshop to learn more about businesswomen. And, of course I'm not complaining about the fact that I get to skip school and therefore skip the classes I have that day which are Math, Gym, Dance and French.
I have no clue whether they're in that order.
But anyways. Yeah. I get to miss gym.
No silly shotputs and disqus whatsits! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
Oh yeah. So much swag.

PS: No joke, bro. I am drowning in swag. DROWNING.
PPS: Kay so the amount of swag I have may be in negative numbers, but I can dream. I can dream.
PPPS: I changed my siggy. I might change it again. I don't know. I have to see whether I like this one or not. XD

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spam amuses me.

It really does.
I took off the word verification thingy so I'm getting tons of random spam comments. Honestly, they are the weirdest things.
Some messages are about natural disasters, others about sex toys.
It's so random!
Um. Today I went shopping at this huge mall. My step-mom left chicken in the oven and told my step-brother to check it so it won't burn.
Of course, when we got back, the chicken was burnt to a crisp. Except for the bottom which hadn't gotten much heat.
Silly Jermaine.
Anyways, we just ate it burnt like that. XD It still tasted good, haha!
Breaking Dawn next week! Aahhhhhhh!!
And, December tenth is my pre-prom. Basically where everything for the real prom is tested out so when the real prom comes along, everything is perfect.
I can't wait! :)
It's going to be tons of fun to dance with my friends and stuff. Or, if I get the courage, the squeeze-butt thingy with He Who I Shall Not Name Here.
Oh and I'm reading a French novel so I can work on my French. I'm reading Le jardin secret (The Secret Garden) haha! A children's book, but whatever. :P It's pretty interesting. I read it in English in elementary school so I thought, Hey! Why not read it now in French?!
Byeee! <3
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Friday, November 11, 2011

McDonald's ;O

Today is Remembrance Day! :D
We had a moment of silence at my school to remember the soldiers who died for us in the war.
Thank you, soldiers <3

Also, this is totally random, but there's this really addicting game called the McDonald's Parody Game. It's just what it's called. A parody of McDonald's. It is SO ADDICTING. I keep putting the company in debt and then I lose.
You can play it here.
You MUST play it. At least try it once. It's super realistic so you get to see exactly how McDonald's runs. Well, to the people who created the game. They have a message before you play stating how it's not factual, blah blah blah. But, to be honest, I think it is.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Award from Cindy!

So, I got an awesome award from Cindy :D
It's the Tell Me About Yourself Award :D
Thanks, Cindy!
Yay! I feel so special :3 She thinks my blog is great! :D
So, the rules are to say seven stuff about yourself and to tag seven other people. :)

So, the seven stuff:
1. I am extremely self-conscious. I am aware of everything I am doing (I rarely ever space out), I always make sure nothing weird is on my face and other pointless stuff like that. Basically, I just always need to make sure that I look, like... normal.

2. I love oldies. You probably already know this. But whatever. I love oldies. Okay? I love them. 'Nuff said.

3. I loved Barbies when I was little. If I went shopping with my parents, they'd have to buy me a Barbie to get me to calm down enough to try on clothes and shoes and whatnot.

4. I love black. I love black clothes more than clothes of any other color. No, I'm not goth. Just that black goes with everything. And I don't have to worry "Hmm... does this outfit match?" Because if there's black in it then yes it does!

5. When I was little, I accidentally broke off my Ken doll's head when I tried to fit him into my toy Volkswagen Bug and I taped it back on. :)

6. I can't choose between two colleges right now. It's so DIFFICULT! *Sobs* I have decided to suffer through living at home and just go through college and university for Psychology. For one: I love Psych too much. Secondly: Do you know the pay for Psychologists with Ph.Ds?! HOLY SMOKES. It's like fifty bucks an hour! Pretty good. :)

7. Can't think of anything else. :)

Now, on to passing this award on to seven people! I would pass it on to Cindy, but she gave it to me so that would be pointless.

Clicks and Cuts
Moon Lore
Hi I'm David
Viva La Breee
The Rambling Person

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I hate gym class.

I had gym last period today and I missed my bus.
Which really annoyed me.
Anyways, this year, my class is a mixture of boys and girls. The first time since grade six. And now, to make this worse, I have to go SWIMMING.
How horrible is that?
I'm already very uncomfortable with my body around girls. How will I survive in a bathing suit (albeit a one piece, but still) around boys?
Good God.
I won't survive.
I don't care. I am wearing swimming trunks over the bathing suit that will drop to my knees. And I will jump in the water as soon as the swimming classes start and then I'll jump out and hurry to the changing room as soon as they end.
God, I really dislike my gym teacher right now.
Plus, most of the guys in my class are total beepholes. I despise them.
Oh, and my gym teacher mixed me up with this girl in my school, K. I was very annoyed. Everyone mixes us up and I have NO. IDEA. WHY. It's really irritating to me for some reason.
It just really is. Makes me want to strangle my gym teacher and bury him in a ditch somewhere.
Was that too descriptive?
I mean... I just want to slap him... not kill him or anything... No way. I don't want to murder him and hide his body and the DNA evidence...
*Cough cough cough cough*
Tootles! <3
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PS: He was making us throw shot puts in class today. I think that's very dangerous and unnecessary in gym class.
And stupid. And pointless.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NO WAY fact of the week!

Frogs swallow food using their eyes!
"Frogs don't have the necessary muscles to chew their food. Instead, frogs can actually use their eyes to force their food down their throats. This is why it looks like a frog is blinking when it is eating. It's because its eyes are actually sinking down inside of its skull to push down on the food. 

A frog's hearing also comes from near its eyes. A frog doesn't have separate external ears. Instead, it has an eardrum, called the tympanum, that is located just behind each eye. Frogs have really unusual anatomies. Click
here to read more about them."

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Bright Young Things (2011)

That's the name of the novel I just finished reading at like ten thirty last night. I could not STOP.
Anyways, it's written by Anna Godbersen.
See the God in her name? She is the GODess of historical young adult fiction.
I'm not kidding.
The book :)
The book is about three girls, set in 1929.
Cordelia is looking for her long-lost father. She lives in some small town in Ohio and doesn't want to be there anymore. So, after doing lots of research about her father (who she finds out is a famous and rich criminal) she decides to go find him in the big, bright city: New York City. Once she meets him, everything seems perfect. Emphasis on the word seems.
Letty, Cordelia's best friend, believes that her name is destined to be up in the lights. She knows she's supposed to be a famous jazz singer on stages making tons of money. But what will she do to get there?
Astrid is a super rich and super beautiful flapper girl. Her boyfriend is dashing and also rich. Her life seems perfect, right? Well, it's far from it.
Throughout the novel, the lives of these three girls will intertwine and lead to a most shocking ending.
What a crappy synopsis I just did.
Anyways, it really is amazing and I'd suggest you read it.

What I liked:
-Set in 1929. I LOVE this about the book. I find it so fascinating to see what it was like in 1929. Like, what they wore, how they styled their hair, how they spoke. And this author clearly researched everything. She gave so much detail about the types of outfits the characters were wearing and their makeup and stuff. It was so cool!
-Beautiful writing. This author is very talented.
-Suspenseful. Kept my attention. At the end, I was lying in bed whispering "Oh my Gosh. Oh my Gosh." over and over again to myself. TO MYSELF.

What I didn't like:
-I'M GOING TO DIE IF I DON'T READ THE SECOND BOOK SOON! It's called Beautiful Days and apparently it's out already. O.O

***** out of five. GO READ IT NOW!
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PS: Hope you enjoyed this review of Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen! Mayen said that she missed my book reviews, so this one's for you, Mayen! :D

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tips on making your blog more popular!

**Answer my poll in the sidebar, please!**
So, seeing as I have over 100 000 views, I have decided, hey, why not help my fellow bloggers by getting them to 100 000 views too?! It may take a long time (like it did for me. Over a year, bros.), but you will get there.
So, some tips on how to make your blog more popular that I think helped me:

1. Post length.
This is so important. Post length is, like. Oh my goodness. You have no idea how important it is. I have to admit, sometimes, I go on peoples' blogs and just skim through posts that I think are too long and therefore don't feel like reading. I'm not even going to bother lying. I don't like long posts. If yours are always long, you can be Robert Pattinson and you can know for sure that I skip a lot of your post.
So, just make medium length posts. Not too short and not too long. Only 1 in 10 people have the time and will to read a post that will take them 20 minutes. Don't count this post, because of course it'll be long seeing as it's a Tip post.

2. Comment!
You have to comment on other peoples' blogs. This is SO important. If you comment on theirs, there is a very good chance that they will comment on yours.

3. Be yourself!
If you're a comedic writer, write funny! If you're a poetic writer, write poetry! Don't try to copy someone else's style of writing because it's obvious. The writing just seems awkward.

4. Market yourself!
You have to do this. Make a Twitter for your blog. A Facebook. Tell friends, casually of course. Join blogging communities in your niche. Meet other bloggers. Get yourself out there! A great way to do this is to go on Blogger help and join the forums. Just comment on the forums of others that have to do with sharing your blog. Trust me, you will gain followers from that. I did! At some point, I was gaining nearly ten followers a day. Which was awesome and no longer happens. ;(

5. Show some effort.
Don't just use one of Blogger's backgrounds and leave it at that. Go on websites and choose a background. Work on customizing your background and your layout. Make your blog look different. You don't even have to pay. I paid NOTHING for my blog and it doesn't look like I just used what Blogger gave me. Even if you don't want to tinker with the HTMLs, just add some color, spruce it up! Go to my tutorials page for some help on how to make your blog look more YOU.
Here are two websites I use often for backgrounds:

6. Make a blog email.
Make an email for your blog. Unless you don't mind being contacted on your personal email. But, your readers should be able to contact you.

7. Communicate with your readers.
Have giveaways(I wish I could have some. But, my parents would never let me. -.-'), create polls, ask your readers questions, etc. Make your readers feel like they're included with stuff. Oh! And guest post on blogs and allow bloggers to guest post on your blog. :)

8. Submit your blog to search engines.
Look up others you're interested in. :)

9. Respond to comments on your blog. When people comment on your blog, answer them! If you're getting like 30 comments each post, just do one general response and then a few specific responses to the people who said specific stuff.

10. Change up your layout once in a while.

11. Have something special for your blog. Make readers remember about your blog because there's something special it has that people are interested in. For example, my No Way! Facts of the week.

12. Have a readable font for the page text! For writing that isn't that important like your sidebar title font, then fine. Only if you must have a random font that people can't really read, IF YOU MUST. Like if the font is so gorgeous you just HAVE to have it on your blog. But, if you don't have to, please choose a legible font!

I can't think of anything else right now. But, these are some of the stuff I did that made my blog get to where it is now. :)
Thank you readers! <3 Without you guys, this blog would be nothing.
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Big Bad Wolf indeed.

What did I do today?
Nothing really.
I ate pizza though :D So yay for me. I love pizza. :3
So, basically, nothing interesting happened and henceforth, I have nothing to blog about.
My apologies, friends.
So, I guess I'll just show you all a really weird video that Jasmine told me about recently. So, I watched it and I was like whaaaatt no way, bro. No way.
But, yes way. Totally way, people. This video is REAL.
Enjoy ;)
Oh and if you want to memorize the lyrics, good luck because it's SOOOO difficult. I mean, there are so many words to memorize.

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PS: Thirteen more days till Breaking Dawn! Eeeep I'm soo excited! (I've been a huge fan of Twilight since it was a new book in 07 or 08 or something)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random pictures? I THINK YES.

My makeup for my grad pictures. Not very visible here... But hey! My eyebrows were nice, right?


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PS: You know those facial expression things underneath this post? You know they can be used instead of commenting, right? Just sayin'. :)

Stereotypes by PurpleMist.

PurpleMist, the author! :)
I like to observe people. I don't know why, but somehow the way certain people react to certain situations is intriguing to me.

That said, often times I look around and I realise what a prejudiced world we live in. People here can be so judgemental and biased. Now, you might be thinking 'I'm not like that', but more likely than not, you are, and so am I, whether we realise it or not. In my opinion, society nowadays runs on stereotypes.

I'll be the first to admit that I can be judgemental at times. If I see a big guy wearing dark clothes with tattoos and piercings everywhere, my first thought would be that he looks scary and unapproachable. My brain would have already defined him as a 'freak'. Similarly, if a guy's wearing bright pink pants, carrying a shoulder bag, I will find myself immediately make judgements on his personality. But that's the thing, we've grown up thinking that people have to be a certain way.

Whether it was from our parents or group of friends, as we grow up, our brain categorises how society runs, what is acceptable and what isn't. Most of the time we are not taught to be open-minded about the world and people around us, but to have a concrete opinion on everything. Which leads us to becoming biased individuals who only have a very narrow perspective of life. Sure, a lot of people have broken through that barrier and we are slowly learning to be more accepting, but the problem of stereotyping still remains. One of the reasons for this is because people are afraid to think differently, to think out of the norm. A lot of times, I find myself not doing or saying things because I'm afraid of how people would judge me after seeing that type of behaviour. At the end of the day, we all want to feel accepted. 

Not many people realise how their judgemental actions can have effect on how a person behaves. For example, I came across a poet online who wrote amazing dark poetry. She literally managed to paint a picture in my head with each stanza. But she felt the need to add a little note at the end of some of her poems telling the readers that she is not emo or depressed, she simply feels comfortable with writing this genre of poetry. And yet, people still commented about how the writing is great, but it's a 'little depressing' and she should 'try to write more positive stuff'. If you don't like it, then don't read it, simple as that. Many writers can relate to this. I personally think it's much easier to write depressing/sad poetry than it is to write something more optimistic/happy. It's not because I'm sad, but because that's what I write well.

I could go on with this topic forever, but my main point is that we should all try to break through these stereotypes. Think a little before judging someone at first glance.

"Instead of being presented with stereotypes by age, sex, color, class, or religion, children must have the opportunity to learn that within each range, some people are loathsome and some are delightful."
- Margaret Mead

**Wasn't that a great guest post?! :D It's so awesome! I really love it. So, thank you, PurpleMist! Check her blog out here. :) You won't regret it!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ah, the troubles with being a girl.

So, yesterday was Halloween and there was a dance at my school.
It kind of sucked because the DJ kept messing up. But anyways, I had fun.
I am very embarrassed to admit that I'm in one of those super typical situations where there's this guy I like, but I don't think that he even notices my existence.
I wanted to ask him to dance with me at the school dance. Like, I really, really wanted to be like "Hey. You're hot. Let's dance."
But nooooo I don't have the courage. I'm not bold enough for that. Or gorgeous and super sexy.
Léa was telling me that I should walk up to him, squeeze his butt (which, by the way, looks very nice. Not that I stare at it or anything...) and ask him to dance.
She's crazy. And that's why I love her. But, still, she's crazy! I can't do that!
She went up to two guys and asked them if a girl squeezed their butts, what would they do. They said that they'd just squeeze the girl's butt back. So, she was really wanting me to do it. But I couldn't. Sigh.
She was even saying that I should ask him out! Like if I'd have the ability to do that.
I'd be like "Do you... d-d-d-d-d-do you... do y-y-y-you w-want to go ou-ou-ou... Do you want t-to go ouuuuu... Do you..."
What's a girl to do?! *sobs*
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PS: He had quite a cute costume :3

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yay vlog!

I did a vlog :) So, yeah.
I did it when I hadn't been up for long. So, my brain wasn't working well. I did shout-outs, and if I didn't mention your name, it is because of my silly brain and the fact that I didn't write all the names I wanted to mention on a paper.
Enjoy :)
And thanks again for the views! <3 LOVE YOU ALL!

Sorry for not singing. I got carried away... XD
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Saturday, October 29, 2011


100 000 VIEWS, PEOPLE!
Can you believe this?! I have over 100 000 views! :O This is amazing. This is insane. This is... this is... holy smokes, I don't even know what this is.
But, really.
Can't believe this.
Oh... my... Gosh.
I think I'm going to cry. *Wipes at eyes*
Good God.
Thank you, everyone! OH MY GOSH. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have to make a vlog now. I have no choice. Once I get 100 000 views, a vlog must be made. Hm...
I videotaped myself singing a few days ago. Wanna see that?
Or should I make a vlog about getting 100 000 views and be like "Thanks everyone for giving me all these views!" etc.?
If I do a new vlog, I would love to get a cake and celebrate. But my rents would be like "Y U BUY CAKE?!"
So yeah. That won't work.
I feel so boss right now. Like seriously. I feel so good. My mood is like so amazing right now. I actually might be in the best mood of my life.
No joke.
I wonder when I'll reach 200 000?
500 000?
900 000?
1 000 000!? :O (Probably never)
Thank you, guys! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
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PS: I'm going to upload the video of me singing I think. I don't have time to make a new vlog. I'm going out to my step-mom's aunt's house and then tomorrow, I have to go to the library and type up and print my stupid English essay. -.-'
PPS: Never mind. I have just watched the video of me singing. It's horrible. So, I shall find the time to do a vlog. At some point... XD
Byeee! <3

Thursday, October 27, 2011


You guys must know that song by the Trololo guy :D BEST. SONG. EVAR.
No seriously, bros. It's so awesome that it's like Heaven to your eardrums.
If you have no clue what I'm talking about, watch this video:

Isn't it a masterpiece? :D
It's a viral video (teehee). So basically, everyone is talking about it. It's EVERYWHERE. On the door of one of the classrooms in my school, there's a pumpkin (drawn out of orange construction paper. How artistic.) with the signature troll face on it. Which is this:
What a gorgeous face. Ladies, please contain your orgasms.
I mean, look at that smile... With that huge black gap in-between the top set of teeth and the bottom. How sexy is that?!
Kay, so nothing interesting happened at school today. Um...
No nothing interesting happened.
I did my eyebrows. They look nice and shapely. I got them done for my grad picture tomorrow :D
Um, um, um.
Kay bye! <3
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome, Sierra! (An update on everything)

My older step-sister just gave birth four days ago to a beautiful baby girl :D
Her name is Sierra. She is so cute! Today, she was wearing this super adorable pink jacket that she doesn't really fit into yet because she's so tiny. Also, the jacket has no legs(which really amused me).
Now, not only do I have Sebastian being a weirdo, I also have this dude named Timothy in my psychology class who keeps tapping my chair with his foot. He sits behind me so yeah. It's not really annoying. It kind of amuses me. Because when I turn around to give him my Go-jump-off-a-cliff-before-I-stab-your-face-in-with-a-sharpened-pencil face, he winks and licks his lips.
It's quite amusing. My teacher moved our seats though, so I don't sit in front of him anymore. HA! TAKE THAT, TIMOTHY!
Um, what else?
I got three awards! :D
Well, technically two. I got the Versatile Blogger award from Caroline on October 19th, 2011 and from Cindy on October 23rd, 2011. And, the You're An Angel Award from Hazel on October 10th, 2011.
THANK YOU, LADIES! <3 You guys seriously made my day :)
Look what Hazel wrote! :D

Jodie/The Run-On Sentences Of Life - "Firecracker"

What I love most about your blog is that I feel so much of your energy coming through your posts! I've never experienced that with any other blogger so it's definitely an unique talent. Keep it up!

:D Thanks so much, Hazel! :) You are such a sweetheart :D

Um, um, um. What else is new. Oh! My graduation pictures are this Friday. My picture time is 3:40. I'm kind of excited because I get to wear makeup and look pretty. :)
In math class, my friend Tristan and I were putting words in my calculator.
He put in:
8008135 (BOOBIES)
So, I lol'd and put in:
1053 (LOSE)
(No idea why)
He said, "Pfft! Why so inappropriate, Jodie-Ann?"
I lol'd some more. xD
Oh and I got 98% on my math test! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thank you very much, calculator and brain. :)
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PS: Mostly, I'd like to thank my calculator.
PPS: I got the highest mark in the class. Not to brag or anything. My teacher, Ms. J. was like "The range for marks was from a [insert some number in 40s here, can't remember which number] to a 98.
Some dude in the front of the class was like "Holy crap who got 98?!"
I just smiled gleefully. :)
Things are looking up, my friends. :) Thank you for the wonderful comments! <3

Monday, October 24, 2011

As you can see,

I haven't blogged in about fifty years or so. My apologies for disappearing, guys!
I stopped blogging because I was feeling really crappy. I feel a bit better now. I don't want to go into why I was feeling crappy. But, it was like this huge cloud was just hanging over me.
Yep, it was just as depressing as it sounds.
Oh, and I've decided no more psychologist for me. My reason: I cannot live in my house anymore. As you all must know by now, my home life is absolutely horrible. If I become a psychologist, I need AT LEAST a PhD to get a job in Quebec. Do you KNOW how much school that is? How many years that is stuck in my house?
Hells to the no.
I would much rather take a three year program in college, start my career, move out, and maybe go back to school afterwards for my PhD.
I've already gone to open houses. I have to submit my application starting in mid January and the deadline is March first. So basically, I have to get interviewed or something for one college and for another, I have to write a letter of intent which I am really, really scared about.
I will try to blog tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I will. I will really try because I love blogging...
Anyways, bye!
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PS: I've been on Tumblr like everyday xD Just in case you want to send me some messages, or whatever. I'm always on it. So... yeah.
PPS: I have to say a huge thanks to my friends for getting me through this really depressing time. Because no really, it was depressing.
Jasmine, Bipreet, Felicia and Léa <3 Thanks a lot, girls. Love you!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shopping with Spazzypants! :D

I went shopping downtown with Jasmine today! :D
I bought:
A super cute sweatshirt.
A super cute pair of skinny jeans.
A super cute black scarf.
A super cute cow hat.
A super awesome writing book. :)

Jasmine bought a sailor hat, awesome glasses and a furry hat, lol. :D

It was so much fun :) There were really attractive dudes working at the stores, haha. One guy seemed gay to me and was SOOOOOOOO HOT OMG OMG OMG. I have to admit, it was mostly because of his stubble. I loooove stubble. It's, like, the sexiest thing ever. :) In my opinion. I love stubble, curly hair and British accents. If you have all, marry me :D If you have one or two, then you're still pretty hot. If you have none then me no want yew.
Sooo... pictures? :D

She was trying to squeeze a boob because the mannequin's nipples were poking out.
Photobooth! :D
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