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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Next Generation by Daniel Hough

Daniel Hough, the author if this awesomeness. :)
 The other day I was wondering about the kids, the ones in primary school right now. I don’t think a generation has ever been brought up so differently to the one before. Is this good or bad?
 Technology has to be one thing. In a way it’s fantastic. Hours of entertainment from a tiny device and all the information you could ever want at the push of a button. Modern children become computer literate at an incredibly young age. But then it has it’s downside. The Internet is full of things children should never see and there are all sorts of people out there that shouldn’t be able to contact children so easily. And then there’s the growing levels of obesity that are often blamed on TV and computer games as well as children becoming sexualised earlier thanks to things they see on TV. Do the good things out-way the bad?
 Elements of the modern world are so much better than they have ever been. We are closer than ever to having equality for everyone, no matter what gender, religion, race or sexuality. This is fantastic. Other elements of the modern world are worse. The next generation will have to be the ones that deal with climate change. Either they deal with it or it deals with them. This is down to years and years of shoving fossil fuels into the atmosphere. And even if you have doubts about the existence of climate change, we know for certain that fossil fuel stocks are beginning to run low and will have to be replaced with something else in the near future.
 And now I come to my main point. What will the future be like for the next generation? When we are old it will be these kids looking after the world. Will they all become super-intelligent beings thanks to the information they can come by or maybe all fat slobs that can’t be bothered to get up to get something out the fridge because Jeeves their robot-butler can do it for them? Will these kids have the ability to slow down climate change or will they end up driving the human race to extinction?
 Of course there are no right answers to any of these questions, it’s impossible to predict them. But it’s food for thought isn’t it? Are we doing enough to prepare today’s children for their future? Only time will tell.
**This is a guest post by Daniel Hough. Isn't it awesome? And so true?! See his blog, people! It's super cool. And follow him. :] And, if you want to guest post, GO TO MY GUEST POSTERS PAGE!!! All the info's there. Come on and guest post, people!! -Jodie-Ann**

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iZaynab said...

Love this guest post (:
& iThink its B A D.
iWent down to my old elementary school sometime early this yeah cause iHad to pick up my sisters & brothers. Then as iWas walking down the block iSaw this kid with an iPhone & others with these nice phones. iWas in shock, iGot my 1st phone in 7th grade~

sjprop03 said...

In away, this is both bad and good...i guess more bad then there is good lol. I have a 9 year old sister and she is ALL ABOUT the new things that are happening. She wants everything because all her friends at school have them they have cellphones now and ipods...listen I didnt get my first cellphone till freshman year of high school and it was prepaid with mintues..i didnt get a legit one till sophmore year. but like what is going on with kids these days!? sometimes i blame the parents cause they give in SO easily to whatever their kids want. Theres no more working hard for what you deserve its actually scary. this is def a good post!

(follow my blog!

Jodie-Ann said...

@iZaynab: Cool. :) I got my first cellie in the 7th grade as well.
@sjprop03: True, parents spoil kids nowadays. xD And yes, this is a really good post! :D

Kamila said...

that's a good guest post... makes me think.... really... thanks Daniel Hough, and thanks Jodie-Ann.. I'll be visiting Daniel later x)

Anonymous said...

cute blog! you can follow mine at
i hope you stop by!


Jodie-Ann said...

@Kamila: Teehee you're welcome. :)
@Jennifer Scavone: Thank you! :D I will. :)

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