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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hello, people. Yesterday at my school, we had a lockdown. No, not a real one, don't worry. There were no shooters at my school or anything. We were just having a "preparation lockdown" so that when a real one happens, we'll know what to do. We won't all start to panic and call our families(which I'm pretty sure people will do anyway).
So, yesterday, I had the lockdown during English class. I was annoyed at that because I like English and that was such a waste of the class. I would have preferred if it was during gym which I despise and would love to miss. Anyways, we heard a message on the intercom about thirty minutes after class started. It was our principal Mr. D saying in his hilarious Quebecois accent: "Lockdown code red... lockdown code red...."
So, everyone in my class near the windows closed the blinds and we locked the door. Then, we all just sat in complete silence but then...
There were these loud knocks on the door and someone shaking the doorknob. I jumped because I wasn't expecting it. I guess it was some teacher going around banging on doors or something. But, anyway, it was creepy. And after the person left our door to bang on others, some kid in the back of the class said, "House keeping," in this really funny Spanish accent.
Did you see the episode of Family Guy when Peter finds out that he is a Mexican immigrant and gets fired from his job, gets a Spanish accent and works at a hotel as a maid? Well, it was really funny. That was how the guy in my class said it. Exactly the same way.
So, of course, since we all watch Family Guy and understood the joke, we all started laughing. We were laughing really loud and making a whole bunch of noise. Our teacher was trying to shush us and whispering, "If this was a real one, we'd all be dead."
Which is true. But, if it was a real one, we would have all been much more serious.
Anyways, it was really funny. We knew it was a fake lockdown because we got letters sent home for it and everything. The letter that I forgot to give to my dad...
PS: Sorry if this post seems boring and rambly-ish(har har). I'm just in such a bad mood today. It's really hard to post something sounding happy. :/

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Kamila said...

haha... that was funny...! I never was able to watch that family guy though... hahah but that was funny..

Hanis. said...

Wow. We never had anything like that here. All we had were fire drills. And that meant going to the school's field. They always do it on the hottest/sunniest day ever =.=

Mia said...

We have those too :/
They last foreeeeever and are extremely boring. Usually it's a drug raid through the lockers.
I live in the middle of nowhere. Haha. Stupid druggies.
But yeah, they don't tell us what's going on until after the fact. So it could be a gun man or a drug raid, we don't know.
As for the Family Guy reference, that's f*&%ing amazing. Give them a high five from me, the biggest Family Guy fan ever! :D

PurpleMist. said...

Haha, I haven't watched Family Guy in ages!
As for the lockdown, we've never had one of those, only fire drills.

Anonymous said...

Ah, my highschool had lockdowns too. But they never gave us any notice. A weird high pitched beep would just start going off in the halls, the lights would shut off, the doors would all close and lock automatically and the window blinds would drop down. So creepy. Then just before everyone panicked the principle would announce "this is a test. everyone to your homeroom classes. this is a test".


Jodie-Ann said...

@Kamila: Loool yeah I know. XD
@Hanis.: Teehee we have fire drills too. :D And on the hottest/sunniest days ever as well.
@Mia: Lool I dunno who said it, but I'll ask and say a girl named Mia said to high five him. XD
@PurpleMist.: Teehee XD I've had fire drills as well.
@Ashley: Lool I've only had it once. But, they always tell us. Just not when there's a fire drill.

Mia said...

Good! Haha :D

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