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Friday, December 10, 2010

Dude. That's Really Sad.

You know what's really sad? The fact that only 2% of girls think they are beautiful. That is really sad. I'm not exactly in that group, but I don't really think I'm beautiful either. I suppose I could be... alright. Maybe cute? Maybe good looking. But, I don't think I'm beautiful. Beautiful is a really strong word, and most women and girls don't want to call themselves that. Most of them think like I do: they may be okay looking, cute, whatever. But not beautiful.
See, the thing is, that girls/women see what's on TV and what's in songs and what's in movies and think that they have to look like them. Because, I think so too. I think that the perfect body is curvy, large breasts, long eyelashes, nice hair. I don't have any of those things. That is what I would assume is the definition of beauty. But, it's not. Beauty should come from within. Not from what you look like outside.
There was this guy I had a crush on in the seventh grade: J. I thought he was really cute. But then, I saw that he was a total BEEEEEEEEEP and despised him ever since. I now think he's the most hideous guy ever. Now, I call him Meanie. And his friend, B, I thought was cute too. But, he turned out to be a BEEEEEEEP as well. And now, I call him FishLips because he has really disturbingly big lips. Anyways, *shudders* I wonder what I saw in them in the first place.
So, really, beauty does come from within. There's this guy in one of my classes who I used to not speak to at all. Now, I kind of got to know him a little through conversation and he has the cutest personality in a guy... ever. He really does. Anyways... :) He's adorable. Teehee. So, yes. Where was I? Oh, right! Beauty coming from within. Yes. Dove has made a campaign for beauty. I really am starting to love Dove. I think that what they're doing is fantastic. See this commercial called Dove Evolution.

 Isn't that so disturbing? Ugh. See what "beauty" is? Horrible.
But, don't think I'm ignoring you boys. Boys and men have to deal with this crap as well. This can also cause Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia in them just as it can with girls and women. Look at this video for the guys:

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Anonymous said...

I wrote a paper once in highschool on the female Dove commercial.. sad to see how distorted our views of beauty are these days. I won't say I'm not guilty of it myself, I'll fiddle with my hair and makeup until I see myself as "decent". And I do love a man with a hot bod...
That guy looked like a ken doll by the end of the editing. :/

Kamila said...

this is an eye opening jodie-ann!!

Mia said...

That guy was HOT at the start.
And the woman was beautiful too, of course.
It's all too bad, isn't it? :/

Jodie-Ann said...

@Ashley: Yeah, I'm guilty of it as well. Hehe. It's really sad though, our view of beauty.
@Kamila: Thanks! :D
@Mia: IKR!!! Yes, it's too bad ;(

iZaynab said...

:O Oh dayumnnnn. iKnew they edited the people but not THAT much. Like iWas in shock~
& Yeah, beauty comes from within & if you want to feel lit. If you tell yourself you feel beautiful & look like it you'll end up being beautiful. (:
But yeah, :/ Girls trip over it alot.

Jodie-Ann said...

Lol, me neither till I watched the vids. And, yes, you're right. :) With everything you said, heehee.

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