Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Next Generation by Daniel Hough

Daniel Hough, the author if this awesomeness. :)
 The other day I was wondering about the kids, the ones in primary school right now. I don’t think a generation has ever been brought up so differently to the one before. Is this good or bad?
 Technology has to be one thing. In a way it’s fantastic. Hours of entertainment from a tiny device and all the information you could ever want at the push of a button. Modern children become computer literate at an incredibly young age. But then it has it’s downside. The Internet is full of things children should never see and there are all sorts of people out there that shouldn’t be able to contact children so easily. And then there’s the growing levels of obesity that are often blamed on TV and computer games as well as children becoming sexualised earlier thanks to things they see on TV. Do the good things out-way the bad?
 Elements of the modern world are so much better than they have ever been. We are closer than ever to having equality for everyone, no matter what gender, religion, race or sexuality. This is fantastic. Other elements of the modern world are worse. The next generation will have to be the ones that deal with climate change. Either they deal with it or it deals with them. This is down to years and years of shoving fossil fuels into the atmosphere. And even if you have doubts about the existence of climate change, we know for certain that fossil fuel stocks are beginning to run low and will have to be replaced with something else in the near future.
 And now I come to my main point. What will the future be like for the next generation? When we are old it will be these kids looking after the world. Will they all become super-intelligent beings thanks to the information they can come by or maybe all fat slobs that can’t be bothered to get up to get something out the fridge because Jeeves their robot-butler can do it for them? Will these kids have the ability to slow down climate change or will they end up driving the human race to extinction?
 Of course there are no right answers to any of these questions, it’s impossible to predict them. But it’s food for thought isn’t it? Are we doing enough to prepare today’s children for their future? Only time will tell.
**This is a guest post by Daniel Hough. Isn't it awesome? And so true?! See his blog, people! It's super cool. And follow him. :] And, if you want to guest post, GO TO MY GUEST POSTERS PAGE!!! All the info's there. Come on and guest post, people!! -Jodie-Ann**

What Came First? The Chicken or the Egg?

Hey, guys! My poll is closed now and I shall say the results! :D So, what came first? The chicken or the egg? I made that poll for this post. Check it out! :D
So, here are the results:
There were only 35 votes... :(
21 of them said that the chicken came first. That's 60%.
14 of them said that the egg came first. That's 40%.
Thanks for voting, whoever did! :D I shall put up a new poll soon. I've just got to think of an amazing idea. Anyone have a good idea for a poll??
Send me an email at!! :D I need some ideas.

My Fail Atempts At Picture-Taking.

Here are my fail atempts at mirror pictures. :] I did them two days ago out of total boredom.

-Jodie-Ann :]

Yay Me Part 2

I got another award yesterday from Oliver at Overville. THANK YOU, OLIVER!! I feel so special. :] And you know what? It's the Hall of Fame 2010 award. Doesn't that sound so cool? So... prestigious? It's amazing. I'm so happy that he liked me blog enough to award me a HALL OF FAME 2010 AWAAAAARRRD!!! :D
And look at his awesome description of this blog:
I'm going to give it first to Jodie, the fifteen-year old Québecois Canadian girl. Not only has she given me an award recently (The Versatile Blogger Award) but she's also given me and my blog much love during the time she has got to learn of this blog's existence. I mean, out of all the blogs she's following, I'm one of the seven she awarded. So I thank her. Her blog posts in The Run-on Sentences of Life are... short and sweet (I copied this term from somewhere, but these words are indeed the perfect ones to describe what she's got going on over there.) That girl is great. 

Don't you just want to marry him? This guy is awesome! And he has a really great blog. :) So, thanks again, Oliver! 
See the award on my awards page. All of my awards are there with pictures and the link to the person who awarded me. I'd really love it if you could check it out. :] I would kinda-sorta-ish love you forever. :D
Oh! And he was also a guest poster! :D Check it out here. It's a great guest post. BTW, if you'd like to guest post, just go to my guest posters page and you'll see what to do there. If you've already guest posted, you can do it again, you know.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This Post is Nameless.

This post will have no name simply because of the fact that I have no name to give it. I haven't been blogging for a while(sorry), because of Christmas, etc. I went shopping yesterday and today. I got some interesting stuff. Including sexy hats. :D And more Writer's Market books. So, anyways... you people are awesome. Keep reading and showing me some lurrve.
Oh! And I heard that the sims 3 came out for consoles. Including for NINTENDO DS!!! YEAHHHH! I really, really want it. Tomorrow, maybe I'll check out EB Games and see if they have it. If they do, that would be super awesome... Anyways, bye people. Here in Quebec right now, it's 1:41 AM. So, I should probably go to sleep.
Good night. Errm... good morning...?
PS: Aren't I supposed to get 8 hours of sleep?
PPS: Ah, jellyfish.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Hey, everyone! Merry Christmas and have a very happy new year! Hope you guys got what you all wanted for Christmas. Or, you can blame Santa. :) Teehee. Btw, how did he die again? Didn't he fall off of some person's roof and die because the reindeer went wild? Or, did the Candyman push him off(my step-brother told me this version. He's 15. Hehe)?
Anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I am now rich. Filthy rich. Ooohh yeah. My parents gave me a few hundred bucks that I'm going to spend most of tomorrow at this HUGE mall downtown. I am so excited. Here is what I plan to get so far:
1. Ankle boots with a little heel.
2. Super cute scrunchies.
3. Tons of novels from Indigo(a book store)
4. Skinny jeans
5. Converses of many different colors.
6. Black leather pointy-toed ballet flats.
7. A beanie.
That's all I have planned so far. I'll get whatever I see that I like. :] So, again, Merry Christmas.
PS: I'll even take pictures of what I got! :D So you all can share the joy of new things with me.
PPS: I love new things. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

I Am Seriously Going To Stuff Coal In Blogger's Stocking.

It's almost Christmas, people! And I am feeling very, very annoyed. Know why? Blogger is MESSED UP on Firefox. I can't see my stats because it says that there was an error and I must reload the page. But, no matter how many times that I reload this stupid, lame, stupid, idiotic, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID page, it will not work! :l Also, and this is only recently, but I am signed into Blogger on my Dashboard. But, when I go to my blog to comment and whatever, I'm not signed in. So, I have to use stupid Internet Explorer that freezes all the time and goes really slow. :l So, this makes commenting on other peoples' blogs and my own much less enjoyable. It's actually a downright nuisance now because I have to struggle with it. Anyone know how to solve this problem?? Please help me if you do. I'll love you forever... ish. :)
Blogger is being very, very naughty. They should go on Santa's naughty list. Hear that, Santa? ADD BLOGGER TO YOUR NAUGHTY LIST! I'm on your nice list though, and you'd better not forget it, old man. *smiles sweetly*
So, anyways. Yes! Start working, Blogger or... or... Or I'm putting coal in your stocking! Yeah. How do you like THAT, Blogger?! Take that!
PS:...And that!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yay Me! :D

I got an award!! :DI got the Versatile Blogger Award from Kamila at Basket of Dreams. I'm so happyyy!! :D THANK YOU, KAMILAAAA!!
Now, I must say 7 things about myself and give the award to 7 other people. Whoever I award this to, MUST say 7 things about themselves as well, AND give it to 7 flexible, adaptable, VERSATILE bloggers. (I'm just going to give the award to bloggers I like.)
SO! Here's the award:

1. I LOVE cheese.
2. My fave color is pink.
3. I love black nail polish.
4. I LOVE the Beatles.
6. Did I mention I love cheese? Oh, yes I did. So that can't count. Uh... I love Converses.
7. Acting and writing stories is my LIFE.

So those are my 7 facts. Now, here are the people I'm awarding. :]

angela at to put it simply, it's quite complicated. She's an awesome blogger and I LOVE reading her blog. :) Check her blog out, people!! :D

Mia at Confessions of A Midwestern Girl She has an awesome blog. She posts quite often and her posts are short and sweet. Also, a lot of pictures which is super awesome. AND she always has the COOLEST headers. No joke. Check her blog outttttt. :)

coolblogger at !***Me and my thinking cap***! she's a great blogger and blogs often. She also comments a lot on my blog (teehee)so... yes... that makes me happy. :D See her blog and follow. It's super cool. :)

Delaney Kay at Diaries of A High School Sophomore. I only just found her blog, but it's really awesome. Also, she has an AMAZING header. She's also really amusing in her posts so... check it out. :) She has really interesting posts.

Hanis. at I Don't Do Boys I seriously love this blog and this girl. Her blog is so unique and interesting. Her posts are a riot and she's... she's just awesome. Go see her blog. Right now. NOW AS YOU READ THIS. If you'd like to, of course. Hehehehehehe...

Ashley at The Usual Shenanigans SEE HER BLOG. It's so great. She has long posts, usually, but I still love it so much. Because even though her posts are long, they're really, really interesting. And there's humour in them and everything. They're amazing. So, check it out. :)

Oliver at OVERVILLE This guy's blog is SO COOL. See it, people. He has really long posts, but like Ashley's, they're really, really interesting. So, see his blog... and stuff. Hehe. And he's a genius! :D That adds to the whole equation(pardon my sorta-pun). Heehee.

So, those are the people I awarded. See their blogs because they're super awesome. And stuff... and remember, awardees, that you must pass this on AND say 7 things about yourself. :) Enjoy!
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finally. I Thought This Day Would Never Come.

No, actually I knew that the day would come. I just became very impatient and didn't feel like waiting. :)
You see, my blogging friends, IT'S NOW WINTER BREAK FOR MEEE! Yesss! FINALLY! OHMIGOD! I do not have to go to school tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, or the next... and you get the picture. Until Winter break is over. I'm so excited. I'm planning to go shopping on boxing day. Which is basically the day where here in Canada, every store's prices are slashed. It's amazing. Everything's cheap. That's why the stores are all crowded and people die from getting trampled.
No joke.
Anyways, I took some pictures and thought you guys might want to see 'em. :]

Sophie on left, Felicia in middle, me on right
Erm... same as picture above.
Erm... yet again. Same as first picture. And the one above.
Now, it's Sophie on left, me in middle and Felicia on right
Sophie & Felicia
 There are more, but I'm too lazy to upload them all. I suppose that you now have the access to stalk me because a)you know I live in Quebec b)you know I go to a certain school. Or maybe you didn't notice it. Anyways, that's our school uniform. I actually really like it compared to other schools with plaid skirts.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh My God! :O

My post The Force-Feeding of Anorexics:Is it Right? Has the MOST AMOUNT OF VIEWS EVER ON THIS BLOG! :O That is so amazing! I can't believe it! 147 views! I know, that's a little, but it's a lot compared to only 64 views of my second most viewed post. 147 views is A LOT! Oh, wow! I can't believe it got so popular! I didn't know that you guys liked that post so much. WOW. That's a lot of views.

Shiny-Awesome-Brand-Spanking-New Page!

I made a new page, people! It's my awards page. I put all of my awards on that page. I wanted to save some space in my sidebar because it's so cluttered. Hehe. So, now, that adds more space. :) So, see my awards page if you'd like. I hope to get more to add to that page. Also, along with each award, is who gave it to me and the link of their blog. So, check those blogs out. They're pretty awesome. And no, not just because they gave me an award, but because they really do have great blogs. :] So... yeah... see them. See the page. See it so much that you get sick of it. :D
PS: Okay, maybe not get sick of it. Because that would really suck. But, just until you don't ever want to see it again.
PPS: But, that's probably the synonym... in many words...
PPPS: Don't you think the song Dirty Picture by Taoi(however you spell it) Cruz and Ke$ha is really dumb?
PPPPS: Oh, I'm so random. :)
PPPPPS: "Let's be friends so we can make out, you're so hot lemme show you around..." -Let's be friends by... that girl from Hannah Montana. Lilly. Oh right! Emily Osment! AHA! This is a Eureka! moment. :) I like that song. But doesn't saying that you want to be friends with someone go against the fact that you want to make out with them?

"Nothing" Takes On A Whole New Meaning For This Woman. :)

Today, I heard a really great story that really taught me something. It's a true story that a teacher at my school, Mr. Mike told me and the rest of my gym class. Here it is:
There was a woman who was feeling really uptight all the time and stressed out. She was taking all her stress out on her family. Like yelling at them all the time and stuff for no reason or for the littlest things. So, she went to her shrink and asked him for help. He told her that she should take three days off from the world and do absolutely nothing. So, of course, she was very happy and didn't complain. She did just as he asked. She took three days off from work and told her husband to go somewhere and take the kids for three days. Then, she was home all alone, doing absolutely nothing. She got bored and decided to work on a speech she had to present at work. When that was done, she read a book. Then, she was completely bored and had nothing to do. So, she went back to her shrink. He asked her what she did during those three days. She told him and he said that when he meant "nothing" he really meant "nothing". She was literally supposed to sit somewhere and do absolutely nothing. But, she couldn't do it. She was getting uncomfortable and bored.
There's a reason he told her to do this. See, this exercise proved that the woman cannot be alone. She is uncomfortable with herself. She knows that she was wrong to be snapping at her family and being mean. That is why she isn't comfortable with herself, because she simply cannot stand to be with herself. Why would you not want to spend time withe the most important person in this world: Me. Jokes, jokes, you. You should be your most important person. I LOVE spending time by myself. I can seriously stay somewhere for the longest time just relaxing with my best friend, who is me. :)
Hope you learned something from this and it didn't seem like some random babbling.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh, God That's So Awesome.

Guess what, guess what, guess what?! O-M-G, my fwendz. I got awarded as one of the top five blogs of 2010 on Dan's blog: Into Geek. <---- that's the link to zee post :D It's so awesome! I'm so happy! Thank you, Dan!!!!!!! I feel so special. I've worked so hard on this blog, so I'm really happy to see that all the hard work has paid off. And I seriously cannot believe that 2010 is almost over! can you guys believe it?! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was putting a diaper on this blog... Amazing how quickly time flies! Don'tcha think?
... =D
So happy. Can you tell? Probably. And I got new followers so YESSSSS. 121 followers now! Every time I look at the amount of followers I have, I think, "I'm seeing things for sure."
But anyways, thanks to all my readers and commenters ILU ALL SOOOO MUCCCCHHH!
Keep reading... hehe.
And people, I need guest posters! C'mon! Send me emails! :D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

You have just been PWNED.

Girls and guys have really different ways of being evil. Let's see here...
This is the boys' version:

And this is the girls:

See a difference? I don't. They're both the same. The only difference is that the one with the boys is much more obvious. But, there is still a big problem with the girl version. They are identical.
Both are wrong.
See, that's what really annoys me. I would love to ask those bullies what gives them the right to be so rude to others. It's incredibly dumb. How dare they talk about others behind their backs or beat each other up. Both of those actions cause scarring. Only one is more visible than the other.
I would love to ask a bully this question: don't you ever feel guilty?
Seriously, don't you ever feel guilty for acting like a [include horrible swearword here]? Don't you even stop to think about that person's feelings? I mean, I guess that if the person was rude to you first you can probably-NO YOU CAN'T! No matter what happens, you don't stoop so low as to get on their level. Because that makes you a bully as well. That makes you worse than them. They are the teeth and you would be the plaque on it. OKAY?!
Now, don'tcha just want some cookies? :3 I want some. SOMEBODY BAKE ME COOKIES!
Oh! Hey, I have a joke I found on Failbook(this hilarious website about people's facebook statuses). SO FUNNYYY. Okay so this guy said: "There are only two types of women in this world: my mom and sluts." And someone responded with: "What's the second one?"
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!! Oh, God that's hilarious. ROFL. So funnehh. Oh, goodness. Oh, golly. Lol.

Friday, December 17, 2010

6. Clearly This Person's A Genius.

It says:


The simplest solutions are often the cleverest
They are also usually wrong

Awkward Monents: You've Just Got To Love 'Em.

See, there's a reason why this is like a diary. I talk about the people I like. Hehe. But, I'm sharing it with you guys. :D So that makes you all very, very special.
Anyways, there's this guy I like: T. And today, I found out that he's the ex of one of my friends. Can you say awkward? Well, I guess you can say the word awkward but you know what I mean.
 Anyways, it was... odd. Hehe.
And I have a class with him and I sit beside him. At one point, he was writing in something and I was staring at him in that really adoraing 'ohmygoshyou'resocute' way that you only look at your crushes with. And I guess he noticed me looking at him and looked back at me. So, I quickly changed my expression to one of indifference. He looked at me suspiciously and started playfully covering what he was writing.
"No looking at what I'm writing!" he was saying in this really jok-y way. So, I said, "I'm not looking!" Which is sort of true, because I wasn't looking at what he was writing, but at him. But, of course, I wouldn't say that! So, I just joked with him back and looked at his work really obviously and said, "THIS is looking at what you're writing."
Hehe. Thank God he didn't see my face. ROFL. He really is adorable though. He also has such a sweet personality. OHMYGOSH he's so cute. XD
Anyways, maybe I'll join the rowing team at my school? :) Just because it's a great oppurtunity to talk to people... and work out... and talk to people... but mostly to work out.
Okay, okay! I'm kidding. Mostly to talk to people.
PS: But, I'll work out too, I swear.
PPS: If you have a Twitter, why doncha add me? :D @Jodiie_Ann

Thursday, December 16, 2010

5. Somebody Call Duhh Popo !

It says:

Somebody call them


Hello, people. Yesterday at my school, we had a lockdown. No, not a real one, don't worry. There were no shooters at my school or anything. We were just having a "preparation lockdown" so that when a real one happens, we'll know what to do. We won't all start to panic and call our families(which I'm pretty sure people will do anyway).
So, yesterday, I had the lockdown during English class. I was annoyed at that because I like English and that was such a waste of the class. I would have preferred if it was during gym which I despise and would love to miss. Anyways, we heard a message on the intercom about thirty minutes after class started. It was our principal Mr. D saying in his hilarious Quebecois accent: "Lockdown code red... lockdown code red...."
So, everyone in my class near the windows closed the blinds and we locked the door. Then, we all just sat in complete silence but then...
There were these loud knocks on the door and someone shaking the doorknob. I jumped because I wasn't expecting it. I guess it was some teacher going around banging on doors or something. But, anyway, it was creepy. And after the person left our door to bang on others, some kid in the back of the class said, "House keeping," in this really funny Spanish accent.
Did you see the episode of Family Guy when Peter finds out that he is a Mexican immigrant and gets fired from his job, gets a Spanish accent and works at a hotel as a maid? Well, it was really funny. That was how the guy in my class said it. Exactly the same way.
So, of course, since we all watch Family Guy and understood the joke, we all started laughing. We were laughing really loud and making a whole bunch of noise. Our teacher was trying to shush us and whispering, "If this was a real one, we'd all be dead."
Which is true. But, if it was a real one, we would have all been much more serious.
Anyways, it was really funny. We knew it was a fake lockdown because we got letters sent home for it and everything. The letter that I forgot to give to my dad...
PS: Sorry if this post seems boring and rambly-ish(har har). I'm just in such a bad mood today. It's really hard to post something sounding happy. :/

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If You Haven't Realized, Everyone is Different Part 2

Now, let's go on about yet another thing I hate! :D Isn't it fun to find out about the things I really don't like in this world? :)
So, a thing I really don't like is when people say things like "You have a bad sense of humor" or "you have a bad taste in guys" or "you have a bad taste in music", etc. How do you know? How could you possibly know whether someone has a bad sense or taste in anything? No one has the same taste, and that makes us all unique. If we were all the same, this world would be super boring and dull...
and lame...
and boring...
and dull...
and cheesy...? (Oh wait, no, that would be a good thing. Mhhmmm. Cheeese...)
and boring.
Imagine a world like that! D; I can't even think  about it without wanting to shoot myself in the foot. Oh, how horrible this world would be...
But anyways, don't tell people that they have a bad taste in things, because just because you like something, that doesn't mean they do. 
Like, I told only two of my friends about this guy at my school who I find kind of cute. At first, I didn't notice his existence, but now, I really find him cute. Mostly because he has the sweetest personality and he's so funny(all I look for in a future mate. haha future mate. I sound like an animal.), so that makes him look really good looking to me. But anyways, my friends(Fee and Jasmine), didn't say anything like, "EWWW HOW COULD YOU LIKE HIM?! "To me because they know that everyone is different. He's chubby and I think that makes him look really adorable. :) I like chubby guys. :3


That is all.
PS: I'm serious, that is all.
PPS: Okay, maybe that was not all seeing as I'm still typing stuff...
PPPS: Okay now THIS is all.
PPPPS: That up there was all. There shall be no more words.
PPPPPPP: Those three dots were not words, so, see? I told you! I was not going to write-
PPPPPPPP: Ahhh I wrote words didn't I?
PPPPPPPPPPP: Isn't it amusing you how my post scripts are more than my actual post?
PPPPPPPPPPPP: AH CRUD! *begins ranting in Québecquois swear words*

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Miss The Summer :(

I'm really starting to miss the summer. Here in Québec, it's cold and snowing and... ew. I don't really like it. I miss the sunshine, the heat, the short shorts. D; I MISS YOU, SUMMER! Winter only just began and I can't wait until it's over. That's pretty sad, I know.
But, look how nice it looked outside:

Near my aunt's house in NYC aka HEAT.
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And look at what I was able to wear!

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's That Time of The Month Again !

Yes, people. It is indeed that time of the month. :) The time for...
Yes!! It's that time indeed! So. Every month, I like to have a few guest posters. Now, it is again that time to look for one. So, if you would like to guest post, go and see my Guest Posters page!!!! All the info is there. If you already guest posted, you can do it again.
And, I am still looking for names for this blog. Come on, people!! Send me an email! Throw me a bone!
...C'mon! :D

Dude. That's Really Sad.

You know what's really sad? The fact that only 2% of girls think they are beautiful. That is really sad. I'm not exactly in that group, but I don't really think I'm beautiful either. I suppose I could be... alright. Maybe cute? Maybe good looking. But, I don't think I'm beautiful. Beautiful is a really strong word, and most women and girls don't want to call themselves that. Most of them think like I do: they may be okay looking, cute, whatever. But not beautiful.
See, the thing is, that girls/women see what's on TV and what's in songs and what's in movies and think that they have to look like them. Because, I think so too. I think that the perfect body is curvy, large breasts, long eyelashes, nice hair. I don't have any of those things. That is what I would assume is the definition of beauty. But, it's not. Beauty should come from within. Not from what you look like outside.
There was this guy I had a crush on in the seventh grade: J. I thought he was really cute. But then, I saw that he was a total BEEEEEEEEEP and despised him ever since. I now think he's the most hideous guy ever. Now, I call him Meanie. And his friend, B, I thought was cute too. But, he turned out to be a BEEEEEEEP as well. And now, I call him FishLips because he has really disturbingly big lips. Anyways, *shudders* I wonder what I saw in them in the first place.
So, really, beauty does come from within. There's this guy in one of my classes who I used to not speak to at all. Now, I kind of got to know him a little through conversation and he has the cutest personality in a guy... ever. He really does. Anyways... :) He's adorable. Teehee. So, yes. Where was I? Oh, right! Beauty coming from within. Yes. Dove has made a campaign for beauty. I really am starting to love Dove. I think that what they're doing is fantastic. See this commercial called Dove Evolution.

 Isn't that so disturbing? Ugh. See what "beauty" is? Horrible.
But, don't think I'm ignoring you boys. Boys and men have to deal with this crap as well. This can also cause Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia in them just as it can with girls and women. Look at this video for the guys:

PS: I'm still looking for more names for this blog! Female names only. Send me an email at !
PPS: Today is my older stepsister Taneshia's and my best guy friend George's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GUYS!!! ILUUUUUUU!!!! :D

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Awwwww Yeeeee. ;)

Awwwww yeeeeeee. That's right. This is how I roll. ;) Ooooohhh yeahhh.
*giggles a little bit*
Hello, my lovelies. I have been getting lots of compliments on this blog. I'm so happy! I'll be very serious and say that have no absolutely no idea why. I've been told that this is a great blog, but, I have no clue what I did to make it so great. In my eyes, it's just a normal blog. I dunno. What do you guys think? And if you have any critiques for this blog that can make it better, PLEASE TELL ME! I BEG OF YOU PLEEEEAAAASE!!
Just be nice.
So! Yes! You guys must tell me what can be fixed on this blog. :) But, I'm soo happy that people like it so much. I have worked really hard on it.
You know what? I think I should name this blog. Yes! Name it!! :D Okay, so, you guys, I want you all to come up with a really awesome name for me to name this blog with! :D And whoever wins, I shall make a very special post just for you!
 I know, the prize is kind of crappy, but I'm 15 years old. What would you expect? I would love to do a giveaway, but my parents would never let me send a gift to a stranger I met on the Internet. Can you imagine that convo with my dad?
Me: Daddy?
Daddy: Yes, Jodie-Ann?
Me: I'm having this giveaway on my blog. And I would like to know if I can send something to the winner through mail.
Daddy: *eyes bulging*
Me: It'll be awesome!
Daddy: Do you know these people?
Me: Well...
Daddy: Have you met them?
Me: Well... sort of... over the Internet...?
Daddy: No.
Me: Please?? Pretty pretty pretty please?
Daddy: No.
Me: Okay. Can you buy me a chocolate bar tomorrow?
Daddy: Sure. Oh Henry?
Me: Yes please!

Yes, that is how I think it will go. :)
Mhmmm... Oh Henry... I had one today. :D I lurrve my daddy.
Anyways! So! I WANT NAMES! Oh, and female names. This blog will be a female seeing as I am a female. Now, don't leave me hangin', brahh. Just send an email to with the name(s) you like. Don't be afraid to send me a whole list. The more the better! You don't even have to be a commenter or reader. Anyone can send me the email. So... please send me some names!! :D It would be really helpful. Then, I can stop calling this blog "this blog" and "it" all the time.
PS: Please send me names!!

When the Snow Falls.

As the snow falls,
winter calls
in a loud cry.
Filled of echoes rolling by
telling a story
of pain and heartache, but the gory
details hidden,
locked away and forbidden
to ever try and melt the icy cold
tomb which in a tight hold,
lays your heart.

As the snow falls,
winter calls
with guttural wails.
These wails remind you of a ghost
whom you have once been a host
to a terrible game you have once played.
You remember the girl who made
that beautiful necklace for your friendship.
The girl who ripped it apart after the faulty spaceship
of your acquaintance broke down.
The girl who stole your crown.
The girl who died and became
a crazy yet strangely tame
tigress who will forever haunt your conscience.

As the snow falls,
winter calls
and you wonder where you went wrong.
You wonder what happened to that poor girl who sometimes sings her song
in the dead of night and in the cold of the winter,
who's voice was as sharp as a splinter.
You wonder why you loved her.
You wonder why you hated her.
But, for some reason,
you never, ever question
why only when the snow falls,
and winter calls,
she sings her song.
Simply for the reason,
That it is your song.

PS: Yeah, this is really random. XD I just thought of it now, so it's kind of crappy. Hehe.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hello, there. Yes, you. I'm writing to you my fellow snoop puppies. ;) I've begun to say the word "application" a lot. Why, you ask? Well, that's a very good question. I have no idea. I actually think that it came from my math and science teacher Ms. J. I think it was Halloween and she was a cop. She was a Math Policewoman. XD She gave us "tickets" if we did not remember to do certain things in math. It was really funny. She said something like "You will go to math jail for doing something malegal." Malegal is something illegal in math. Clever, I know. Then, she said, "You must remember to apply all the rules you've learned to your work." Then she got this really amused look on her face(clearly, she was amused by what she was saying) and said, "APPLICATION." In this really weird way. It's hard to explain how she said it, but it just sounded so funny, it made me laugh uncontrollably.
Anyways, today at lunch, I was chillin' with my home slices. Doing... stuff... ;D
Ahh guys get your minds out of the gutter! We were taking pictures! :D
The dude is George, the girl with glasses is me(if you didn't already know that) and the other girl is Jasmine. :) Enjoy!


 Lol. We're awesoome.
PS: Remember, guys that I'm always looking for guest posters. :) Check out my Guest Posters page for info if you're interested. And if you already guest posted, you can do it again, y'know.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

If You Haven't Realized, Everyone is Different.

You know yet another thing that really annoys me? When people assume that everyone should be thinking and acting like them.
I was on Facebook and my friend Jessica's status was this: 
goodbye is only painful when you know you can never say hello again ♥

Now, what does that tell you? Sure, you think of death, but if you think about her status some more, it could also mean different things. It could mean a broken friendship, a break up, someone moving away forever... so many other things. See, I'm a logical thinker. That's just how I am. Whatever I do, I think about it a lot, turning it around in my mind. I like to think about things a lot. Because I am a logical thinker
Other people were responding with "I'm so sorry, Jess" and other things like that. So, that could still mean a break up, death, moving away, etc.
So, I asked why everyone was saying sorry.
And of course, some girl named Kayla commented saying, "Are you slow ?" RUDE. I found that really, really rude. That instantly made me dislike her.
I responded with this:

no, i simply wasn't informed. no one told me anything. she never did and no one else did. so how could I possibly know? I don't read minds...

And she wrote: READ THE STSTS
Like I'm an idiot. First of all, she just made herself look dumb because she can't even spell status properly and second of all, obviously I read the status or I wouldn't have been able to comment, now would I? I told her that Jess' status could mean many different things and she said this:

hmm. id check her thingy says in relation ship, but wtv.
shell tell you is she wanna.. and i aint bitchin just sayin

Her sentence is so horribly structured, that I can barely understand it. And why in the world would I check her relationship status?! Some people pretend to be married to Justin Bieber. So, really, I wouldn't bother with that. Plus, maybe Jess didn't want to change it? Who knows. So after Kayla wrote that, I decided to ignore her and told Jess that I was sorry and if we could talk about it, etc.
In conclusion, some people assume that everyone thinks like them. And are very rude about it. But hey. What can you do, lovies?
That's just the way the world is.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Like A Princess :)

So, here are a few pics of me in my princess dress at the AIDS community centre where I live. :) We were performing there for people who have AIDS as a community work kind of thing. Teehee.
So yes. That's me in my dress holding a random rose that the prince was supposed to have given me. But, in the play, something happens and he gets annoyed and throws the rose on the floor. So, in the end, I pick it up. LOL. That's not even in the script for him to have a rose at all, but he improvised and brought it on stage. Then, when he threw it on the floor, I had no clue what to do. Lool. So, in the end, when we were walking off stage hand-in-hand, I cried out, "Oh! My rose!" and bent over and picked it up. The crowd laughed so I think we did a good job. Hehe.

Dependant on Facebook: So Very Sad

Hello, people! Yes, I am finally going to rant about something. After like a week of interesting "life stories", I shall finally entertain you with my crazy rants. So, this rant today will be about people who depend on Facebook for... their lives, I guess you could say.
See, when Facebook was invented, everyone thought it was super awesome. Even though it sucked monkey eyeballs, people thought that it was the best thing since sliced bread. No joke. And it sucked because it was incredibly boring because the creators of FB were just starting out and had no clue what they were doing. But now, it's grown into  this insane... THING. It's crazy! People think that FB is their LIFE!
When you're dependant on FB, you do things that are dependant on Facebook. You know those people who change their status every two minutes? Or even less? Or, those people who change their display picture everyday? Or, who decide that their lives are so important and must tell everyone about it through their statuses. Like on Twitter. "Went so my sister's house and she did my hair. We had fun." Yeah, okay, we don't really care. No offense, but you bore people to tears. I think that Facebook is a website to keep in touch with people, not to talk about your lives. That's what a blog is for. That's why people make blogs. That's why I made a blog. Because on FB and Twitter, it is very boring and no one cares.
Also, some people think that if they can't go on FB, they'll die. That's absolutely ridiculous. You won't die without FB. Some people lose their privileges to go on their computers and all they worry about not being able to do is FB. And Twitter. So sad. So, very, very sad.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ah, shnitzel.

Ah, shnitzel, guys. This really blows monkey butt. Like waka flocka to the max. :(
Sorry I haven't been blogging in a while. I've just been super busy with the play and everything. Well, the last performance was earlier today. It was the best performance yet! After it, we all started dancing. The people in the audience watched for a while and then we invited them to join and the little kids actually did! It was a lot of fun and we danced with the little kids to really weird music.
Anyways, it was so awesome. I honestly can say that it was the best experience of my life. I'm so sad it's over. I'm really going to miss dressing up in my costume, going to rehearsals after school, acting, memorizing lines, etc. Feeling like a celebrity will really be missed. Haha. After the play earlier today, we all stopped and took pictures with kids who had been watching. I got a nice amount of fans who wanted a picture with me. I felt special. :)
Awwww... I'm feeling really sad now. The whole experience was really amazing. Even though we got lost on our way to the theatre. Me and a few other girls ended up going the opposite direction that we were supposed to. We were trying to read Google Maps.
I really hate Google Maps.
Anyways, we found our way, performed, danced with really cute strangers and took pictures with them! :D Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I was on the news people! :D Amazing, isn't it? Sadly, I wasn't able to see it though. Because of this stupid bus I was taking to go home. It broke down like around seven stops before mine. So, I had to WALK home. It took me twenty minutes and by then, my turn on the news was done. I didn't even get to tell my parents to watch it, because I wanted to tell them when I got home. So, I had to see it on the CTV(the channel it's on) website.
Anyways, I was on the news because of the play I'm in. Remember The Enormous Nose? Yeah, so, I was on the news. Here's the link so you can check it out. Sorry, I couldn't just embed it, because there was no code. Silly CTV people.
So, yeah, here's the link:  click on it and it will pop up. Then, look on the right of the page. You'll see where there's a box with video and it's called "CTV NEWS VIDEO PLAYER", right? So, look under that and you'll see the list of all the names of the videos. The first name should be CTV Montreal News at 6 p.m. for Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010." (IF YOU DON'T SEE THIS, GO TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH, IF YOU DO SEE THIS, CONTINUE THE INSTRUCTIONS) Don't click on that, unless you want to see the whole thing. Scan the list of names and you'll see where it says "Lauren Hill students take to Centaur's stage".  Click on that one. I don't talk, but I nod and smile. Hehe and I get crowned. Remember, I'm the princess.
IF YOU DON'T SEE WHAT I JUST DESCRIBED, it'll take you longer to find it, but you will, no worries. Type this in Google: "CTV Montreal November 30 2010" click on the first link you see in Google. Even if it says a different date in the link, click on it. THE FIRST ONE! Then follow the rest of the instructions above: go to the right on the video player, scan the names, etc. :) MAKE SURE IT SAYS TUESDAY NOVEMBER 30 2010!!
If you can't find it, tell me. I'll explain it more. :D
PS: Oooooh it's so awesome!
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