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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why Is The Human Race So... Delayed?

I don't even know the word to describe us. But, we're delayed. I seriously think that sometimes, animals think better than we do. I shall explain.
Like you see people say "Do you want to come to my crib?" as in house. It sounds incredibly stupid. Why would you ask someone to come to your crib? What's wrong with you? What, you sleep in a crib? If you are old enough to ask the question, then you obviously don't sleep in a crib. Seriously. If you've asked that before, I hope you were joking.
Another thing, the guys that have their pants falling down. Yeah, don't do that. For more than one reason:
a) it makes you guys look really short.
b) it makes you look like you don't know how to pull your pants up properly. 
c) it's disgusting to see your butts sticking out. 
 So, please, guys don't do it. You may think you look hot and all the girls will adore you, etc. But no. It just looks stupid.
"I'm better than you", etc. Shut up. No you're not. You're human. You're stuck on this planet until you die. And, depends on what you believe in, even then you may be stuck on it! So, shut up. Because no one is better than anyone else. You may be rich and sitting at your table eating a fancy dinner, thinking about paying your phone bill or whatever. While there may be someone very poor thinking about the very same thing. So, really, clam yourself there, buddy. 
On se calme, le.
Anyways! :D So... that was a little rant with a little Quebecois slang at the end. :)
PS: On se calme. (We calm ourselves.)

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KellyCan'tBehave. said...

Eurgh "crib" is laaame! And yes guys need to stop shoving their butts in everyones faces - we don't want to see so pull those pants up please.
I mostly agree with the fact we are all human. A lot of people I know recently are definitely getting too big for their boots and think their better than others.. no no no.


Jodie-Ann said...

Haha! Once people get power, they think they're invincible. :/

Fiona said...

I love this post. x]

Jodie-Ann said...

Teehee :D

dennis hodgson said...

Two points: I don't see why you'd get upset about someone referring to their home as their "crib". It's just a word. Cockney slang for the home is "gaff", as in "let's go to my gaff". But "gaff" also means "a hook for landing large fish" or "a wooden spar on a sailing boat", as in "a gaff-rigged ketch". English is full of words with more than one meaning. Second, was your use of "delayed" a deliberate or accidental pun? The word you were probably looking for is "retarded", which is in one of its senses a synonym for "delayed".

I write a lot [but not exclusively] on language and how it is used. My most recent posts are French Letters and Toodle Pip!.

Also, I think that anyone who wears their jeans with the crotch at knee level looks like, and probably is, a dickhead.

Jodie-Ann said...

HAHA! This has GOT to be the best comment I've ever gotten on this blog!! xD I totally agree about the jeans with the crotch at knee level. LOL!

Miss Bobo said...

you know I think alot of guys think if they exaggerate certain things that they will get the attention. They are just lost as the rest of us girls too. I mean there are girls who dress hoochie because they think the guys will go out with them but that really isn't the case. Thank you for your rants..quite the inspirational girl ! :D

Jodie-Ann said...

LOL I agree :D And you're welcome xD And thank you so much!!! <3

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