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Monday, November 15, 2010

Wait a Minute, Isn't Alcohol A Drug?

Hello, friends.
Isn't alcohol a drug? Like really. A drug is something consumed either by inhaling or smoking(or drinking?) or whatever other method that changes your state of mind. Like it makes you think differently and act differently than you usually would.
Doesn't alcohol fit those criteria? Yes, it does. So, why is it not considered a drug? Shouldn't it be illegal as well as marijuana and whatever else?
What do you guys think?
PS: Short post, I know. Lol.
PPS: Not that I'm complaining about alcohol or anything. I'd like to drink once in a while. Someday. Not much though because I don't want to mess up my liver.

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angela said...

..No, a drug is not something consumed by inhaling or smoking...
A drug is something you take that alters your state of mind (usually depending on how much you take, because some exceed the recommended amount of over the counter pills, which messes them up more than the maker intended it to).

Alcohol is definitely a drug. People are addicted to alcohol. My mother was, and I know many many more people who were.

Regular cigarettes aren't a drug, they're just addicting to most people because of the nicotine.

I think alcohol isn't considered a drug because not everyone who drinks it becomes addicted, or not nearly as much as someone who does crack, weed, vicoden, or other things. I think it should be, though.

Oliver said...

Yes, it is indeed a drug. I once read an article that stated that alcohol brings far more damages to a person's living than any other common drug. I also once read an article that said that marijuana is far more healthier than any alcoholic drink, brings less complicated diseases and more actual health benefits.

So why isn't alcohol illegal? It's all about the money. The government gets a lot of revenue from these products. Just like the thing with oil. Scientists have long been able to synthesize a more nature-friendly combustible fuel in the form of biodiesel, but the government won't ban the use of oil even though we know it effs up the environment, because of the huge business it is with the large oil companies, and also because of the loads of taxes and revenue they get from it.

It's all about the money for those companies [and the government]. And us normal citizens do nothing but make those people filthy rich while making our lives more miserable by consuming/using those products.

I don't like alcohol. I never drunk beer or anything. I only tasted wine. I'm trying to live an sxe life. I don't think people should ban alcohol. I guess people should just learn self-control.

But when I come to think of it, I think life would be better without alcohol, and drugs, and cigarettes, and dirty fuels. Just saying.


Jodie-Ann said...

Yeah, it should. And I said that a drug can be consumed by inhaling, smoking and other methods. Lol. There's herorine after all.

angela said...

You said it IS something consumed by etc.
Not that it can be.

Jodie-Ann said...

@Oliver: I agree. If we got rid of drugs and alcohol, etc., we'd lead a much better life.
@angela: Hmm........ sorry. Lol. Well, technically if it's consumed by etc., it also can be of course. Seeing as it IS. Because it IS consumed by drinking, inhaling, snorting, injecting, etc. Not only CAN it, but it IS. Because people DO inhale, drink, snort, inject, etc. drugs. I dunno how to explain what I'm trying to say. Lol. I see your point though.

SKS said...

Yes,alcohol is a drug. Alcohol can affect every organ in the human body - brain, liver, stomach and heart to name a few! In teenagers and adults as well, behavior that occurs “under the influence” of alcohol can also lead to serious threats to life and health. Although alcohol is not a prescription drug or an illegal substance (for adults), it carries all the risks of addiction and illness that street drugs do.

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