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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hauntingly Beautiful?

Hey, everyone! Today(well, tonight here in Quebec), I'm going to complain rant about beauty pageants. I'm pretty sure you guys have seen them on TV. You know... when those little girls are wearing a whole bunch of makeup and dancing around like chipmunks... yeah that.

That was one of the winners I think. At the moment, I am with my odd step-brother Jermaine. :)
Me: Say hi, Jermaine.
Me: Me.
Jermaine: What? Who the hell's Jermaine?
Funny. Anyways, look at this:

Doesn't she look fake? I dunno, it freaked me out. She looks like some sort of... doll... thing... Lol. So, are beauty pageants really about beauty? I think not. How is that beautiful?! That's just creepy. Also, it's setting a horrible example for other girls. Other girls will think THAT hideous... doll... is beautiful. That isn't beauty.
Holy crap! How does she DO that?!
It's... messed up.
Woman or little girl?
So, I don't like beauty pageants at all. In fact, I just think they're really stupid. I'd never get into one and hopefully my future children won't want to either. What do you think?
PS: Oh, my Gosh that's creepy.
PPS: I just listened to that video where only teens can hear the sound. Lol! I have to let my dad listen to it. xD Now here are some other random pictures:

Nice shoes. o_O

12 run-on sentences.:

FeliciaShortii said...

Yea the show is called tollers in tiaras. the girlsd are like five years old and wear more makeup than i do. really freaky they use other peoples noes' and the parents don't care. most girls do it because their mom make them or they just want the money.
Stupid parents

Jodie-Ann said...

I know right!

coolblogger said...

kinda freaky..but it kinda creates confidence in young minds - mayb the rules shuld br kid friendly.

angela said...

That second picture is fake, btw. It's photoshopped or drawn.
I just did a couple posts on this type of "beauty" a few days ago. :P

Jodie-Ann said...

@coolblogger: Lol, it's supper freaky. But, I guess it does creat confidence in the little kids... And yes, the rules should be more kid friendly, indeed.
@angela: Haha! Coincidence! xD

Hanis. said...

They remind me of the dolls I had when I was a kid. You know, the ones that were not Barbie. With those big eyes that closes when you lie them down, long fake lashes and all.


They should make it less make-up. And it might put self confidence and also an obsession with beauty.

Smmmitten said...

those "doll" look alikes are everywhere on facebook! and if you read the comments underneath, there are a lot of people who apparently think it's "so cute" and "pretty" *shudder.

They have circular contact lenses that make your eyes look big and wide, and some girls use eye tape or eye glue on their upper eyelid to get the whole wide doll-eyes look. The rest is just make-up, and sometimes photoshop.

Jodie-Ann said...

@Hanis: I agree. :)
@Smmmitten: Ugh, that's horrible.

Miss Bobo said...

Smmmitten that is just plain horrible. Though, I agree with it all being horribly wrong for exploiting children at the same time I don't agree with the whole giving confidence idea. You can give confidence for your children with any positive activity it doesn't necessarily have to be dressing them up as dolls, putting make up on them like they are women. That is just incredibly annoying to have to see a person believe that such a thing makes a child happy. A child doesn't know what it wants most of the time, a child depends on the parent for these things. Most of the time these girls do it because their parents advocated it. You cannot tell me they all made this decision to parade their body around like a Barbie doll on their own. If there is such a situation in which a child out of nowhere without anyone telling them, without no influence of the media, or anything else (and I mean ANYTHING), would say "oh Mommy I want to be a model"

Miss Bobo said...

(continuation of previous comment): than show me such a situation. Because I cannot think to myself that all these girls do it because they were some ounce of their little being that told them I have to do this. It could be the parents, the media, the toys, the people on the tv, it doesn't matter it is still something that influences these little girls

Jodie-Ann said...

@Miss Bobo: Very strong comment. I can tell you feel very strongly about this topic. Lol.

Anonymous said...

That is actually really creepy to me.

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