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Friday, October 15, 2010

Suicidal? Me?! No way!

Today, the oddest thing happened. I was in science class first period(we have 4 periods in a day) and I got called down to the office. So, of course, I freaked. I was thinking what in the world?! What did I do now?
I walk down to the office, worrying and then, I saw Ms. Tanya. The school psychologist... sort of. I forgot the name of her job. xD Anyways, when she saw me, she asked, "You're Jodie-Ann right?" Or something along those lines.
So I said awkwardly, "Yes..."
Then, the two of us walked down the hall to her own personal room. While we walked, she talked about random things, scaring me even more. She sounded like someone who was trying to find things to say. When we reached her room, we sat and she started immediately talking about why i was called in. She said that a student's mother called because their daughter/son told them that I was talking about having suicidal thoughts, and is it true?
I told her that while in my mind, I was thinking, OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG WHO IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?!  While I fought to hold back tears. I don't even know why I felt like crying, I just did. She asked me some questions and I answered as truthfully as I could. She asked about my family and I told her the truth: they're assholes.
Then, she asked if she could invite the school nurse to sit with us and talk. I said she could. The nurse(Ms. Claude) came and asked me the same questions that Ms. Tanya had. I answered again and we got into the issue of my low self-esteem. Yay. I just love that topic. (Sarcasm) Then, they started talking about how I'm pretty and shouldn't feel so down about myself. They cheered me up a little, I guess. Then, Ms. Tanya told me to write a list of about ten things I like about myself to show her on Monday. I'm probably going to do it tomorrow.
PS: I told Jazzy about it and she was shocked. I don't think it was her.
PPS: Fee wasn't at school today. Well, she was here in the morning but then later, she was gone. Maybe she went home. I shall text her now...
PPPS: I texted her but she didn't respond yet.
PPPPS: Don't worry. Ii could never kill myself because of my craving to become an author AND I could never leave my brother with my horrible step-family AND I want to have children and give them good lives AND I want o be a psychologist.

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Oliver said...

What's wrong with having suicidal thoughts, anyway? We're kids-- as if we could really do that. You really want to become a psychologist now, eh? Is that because of Ms. Tanya?

I know you're fine, Jodie. Watch your favorite show and I'm sure you'll be happy. =]

KellyCan'tBehave. said...

This sounds like such an awful day for you. Feel very positive about yourself, your blog is great and so well written so I look forward to hearing that you do become and author someday! (:

SAM said...

There you go. You have definitely have reasons to live for. Go live!

FeliciaShortii said...

It wasn't me i was sleeping and sick I'm not wstupid i didn't tell anybody. my mom doesn't even know the schools number

Jodie-Ann said...

@Oliver: Thanks. :)
@KellyCan'tBehave: Yeah, it was. And thanks! I feel so cheered up! :D
@SAM: :D
@Fee: Yeah, i know. I was just curious. I'm not mad at the person(whoever it was) for saying anything. :) Oh, and are you feeling better, hunnie?

Jodie-Ann said...

@Oliver: lol no it's not because of Ms. Tanya. xD

Sam said...

I know you wouldn't rlly do something like that-you're a very very bright girl and you have a lot going for you-plus your blog rocks and you must keep writing it OK?
I once had the school shrink try to talk me down off the ledge (so to speak) by giving me graham crackers. WTH?
If I was going to kill myself did he rlly think graham crackers were going to make me change my mind? No idea.

Kamila said...

you are an amazing writer jodiee and everytime I read your blog, it makes me feel jolly and happy, because your funny.

i never thought something like that would cross your mind.. and I doubt you'll ever do that..

i'm always looking forward to read your post because it ease my depressed life.. your a lovely girl with a lovely blog!

if ever you wanted to share anything, i'm a stranger ready to listen :)

Jodie-Ann said...

@Sam: Thanks! :D And graham crackrs aren't even that yummy. :/
@Kamila: Thank you! :D And okii. :) that's really sweet of you.

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