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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If A Girl is Like A Drive Through...

...then she's no girl at all.
There are some girls who are just... I don't know... slutty. It's horrible. Like, girls at my school go around rolling their skirts(we wear uniform) super short. It's ridiculous! And on free dress days, they come to school in leggings and sweaters with nothing underneath.
It really saddens me. It's so depressing to see girls acting like that. A girl shouldn't have to be naked to be sexy. But, that's clearly what they think. On Facebook, I saw a picture of two girls in their bras and underwear. Why are they doing this to themselves? I wonder: do they think it makes them look attractive? Sure, maybe some pervert finds it super hot and goes out with them. But, he'll be dating them not for love, but for sex
I was talking to this girl I know, who was talking about it. She told me that she was at a friend's house and these girls met this guy the same day and one had sex with him. It didn't disgust me, just made me feel really bad for them. They're fifteen years old! Why can't they understand that they're beautiful with clothes on? That they will be thought of as beautiful and sexy for what's in their minds. Sure, they'll get married one day to the pervert, but they'll end up divorced.
Trust me.
PS: So sad...
PPS: No, not really.
PPPS: Okay, well, a little sad. 
PPPPS: But... not that much...
PPPPPS: Okay, I'll be quiet.
PPPPPPS: So very sad... 

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Hanis. said...

They're just not confident on how gorgeous they are, nuff said.

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot to be confident. Dressing up (or down, in their case) is an easy way to make yourself look confident, when you're really not. Hopefully they'll realise one day though that confidence will always be more sexy than sluttiness.

Kamila said...

that's cool that you think reasonable than them, but I'm sorry for those kinds of girls

we should pay respect for ourselves as girls and as women..guys would just be ready to disrespect us if we let them be..

be proud of yourself, your not one of them.. :)

FeliciaShortii said...

Jodie they don't know how beautiful they are, they just do it beacaue they want attention and then they end up getting hurt. All the girl at are school are beautiful its just that some of them think tha being naked makes them sexier than the others. Soo sad.

Jodie-Ann said...

@Hanis: True. Nuff said.
@Ashley: I know. If your confident in your look, you'll look good.
@Kamila: Teehee I am proud. :)
@Fee: I know. It's very sad. Like some people we know... aheeemmmmmm. *cough, cough*

angela said...

Wow, I thought this was only in Cali.
The leggings and sweater thing, they do that here. Hell, they wear tanks and leggings, and that's it. And now little toddler girls are doing it, too. It's disgusting. I get that they're comfortable, but they were made to be worn under shorts or something. Skirts. Not as pants. It's icky to see all that. rofl

Slutty is a style I will not take part in. I hate that being so revealing is acceptable, especially with such young girls. That, or maybe I was raised to be too conservative. haha

I was on this website, "myyearbook", and I was looking through the pictures of people, and one girl was in her bra and underwear. Her "about me" said that she was "shy" and didn't like too much attention.
Biggest "WTF" moment in a while lol

Jodie-Ann said...

LOL! OMG. Wow... you should see Halloween over here. Some people might as well be naked for the amount of clothing they have on.
That is a huge WTF moment. Shy yet half-naked. Mhmm. BS.

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