Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Dude Who Made High Heels is A Noodle.

Why, oh why would someone make high heels? It's basically a man's invention to make a woman's butt look smaller. As said on the movie She's The Man which is actually a really great movie. :)
Anyways, why would someone make them?! Oh my gosh. They're almost impossible to walk in. For my grade six graduation, I wore high heels and had to take them off while I sat. Because it was so uncomfortable. The higher they are, the harder they are to suffer through. Also, it's very difficult to run in them. So, it makes it harder for women to run away. What if someone was being attacked or something?! How. Can. She. Run?
I suppose that they aren't that bad. I mean, sure, they make us look sexy and intoxicating to straight men and lesbian females... 

And I guess that they work out your legs, helping your buttocks get into shape as well. Hmmmm... So, I guess that they aren't all that bad... But, I still prefer sneakers and ballet flats.  However, I am very aware of the fact that when I get older and get my job as a psychologist(I always screw up the spelling. Thank the lord for spell checker), I have to wear those dreaded things.
Wish me luck with my future, my friends. I'm going to need it. :)
PS: I won't only need help for the high heel problemo but also for my future in general.
PPS: It's looking bright though.
PPPS: Very bright, indeed.

This would be me in heels.

My Award Creation! >:D

Remember I told you guys that I was going to make an award? Yes? No? Seriously, you don't? How could you forget when-okay NEVERMIND! I made one. It is called The LOL Award for those blogs that make you laugh and brighten your day. Even blogs that make your smile can be awarded with this. I want to thank those bloggers out there who blog not for publicity but to really blog. To inspire. :) I know some blogs that really fit The LOL Award, so I made it. :D Sooooo... here's the award:

I think it's really cool. I found a really cute picture on Google images and used Picnik to fix it up. :) Soooo... I shall now tell you my awardees... right? Awardees? Ookay, doesn't matter. Here they are...

fizzee rascal!

So, I have awarded these people. :D I don't know how far my award will get but... we shall see. :) Whoever I awarded, please award at least five other people. :) And tell them they've been awarded of course. Lol. Just save the picture on your computer or whatever and... yeah... have fun! :D

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let Me Teach You How to Forgive *Guest Post by Hanis*

Hanis, the author of this beauty. :)
The only thing I can teach you is how to forgive. I've been forgiving so many people for as long as I can remember and I know some of them don't deserve my forgiveness after what they did to me. I've been betrayed by people who I thought were my friends. I've been forgotten by the same group too in a moment when we should have stuck together. I've been ridiculed. Been accused. Been shamed.

Take a deep breath.

Take some time to think to yourself before taking out a piece of paper.

And just let the words flow along with the tears or curses.

Don't hold back on one single emotion.

Don't wipe away one single tear.

Don't muffle out one single curse.

Take another deep breath as you fold the piece of paper and hide it somewhere.

That's the only thing I can teach you, my friend. That's what I've been doing for years in order to forgive someone and move on with my life. I just never think any disagreement is worth it. So I write the letter and shut my mouth up before folding and smiling.

For me, this letter writing process is a very effective way of forgiving someone. I often keep the letter and when I know there is no anger or hurt lingering, I'll burn or tear the letter apart with relish. With every damage done on that folded paper I'll get lighter and happier. Well, if not happier, I'll retrieve my peace of mind.

Perhaps now you can teach me how to put a limit on forgiving someone.

*This is an AWESOME post by Hanis. :D Isn't it so awesome?? I loovee it. thanks, Hanis! So, go and check out her blog and FOLLOW HER!!!! You'll love her posts, so check her blog out. -Jodie-Ann*

Boob Exposure: I'm Sorry if you Don't Like it, but my Baby's Hungry.

Have you ever seen this before in public?

Seriously, you haven't?
It's not that interesting I suppose. Yet, people hate it! Hate it! Why? I actually don't know. Women should be able to breastfeed their babies because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
What's wrong with feeding your children with the nutriments they will need that a bottle of baby formula or whatever cannot give? Breastfeeding is the healthiest form of feeding for babies. Only a mother can give those special nutriments, so what's so bad about it?
Maybe it's the fact that their breasts are exposed? I think that's it. But, so what?! Someday, even if you're a male, you will see a breast. Heck, men have breasts too! Their just much smaller. Compared to most women. So, people should stop complaining about something natural.
Okay, so maybe the woman can cover her boob a bit. Just for random people that just happen to walk by. Maybe their boobs shouldn't be on full display, but they should still be able to do it in public. Why should a woman be ashamed of her ability to feed her children in a very special way? Why should they have to hide in bathrooms or feed their babies only in the privacy of their own homes or cars? It's not fair.
So, if you see a woman breastfeeding, don't stare. If you're interested, maybe just glance at them and away(pervert much?). Or maybe you can smile politely or something but don't gawk or laugh or get angry like it's something to be shamed of.
Because it's not. :)
PS: I heard breastfeeding hurts like hell for some women since the babies keep biting. o_O Have some sympathy for them, people!
PPS: (:

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween at School >:O

At my school, we have a huge celebration for Halloween. Well. Not really, actually. Just some activities and we get candy. Anyways, we could either choose from a dance, a scary movie or games. Like video games, board games, etc. I chose the dance(obviously) because I just LOOVE to dance. Anyways, the DJ wasn't bad. He played OK music. I hated the fact that he kept changing everything to techno though. It's because he's a professional DJ that's why he assumes we need techno in our lives.
Well, of course, I danced my butt off. Yes, we even made a line of grinding girls. It was highly amusing. XD We Quebecois no how to partayyyy. Lmfaooo. Epic fail. But, anyways, we had the dance in the gym. The gym is HUGE so we only used half of it. That was too much for us anyway because we all crowded together in this huuge mob of people. This girl was shaking her butt on this guy and I almost fell on him. I felt something shaking on my back and when I turned around, I saw it was a girl's butt. :/ Not so nice. Anyways, here are some pictures. Not much, sorry because I forgot my camera at home. So, I had to rely on other people taking them for me. Lol. Other pictures have people in them that might not want to be seen on my blog. So here they are:

My Halloween costume. I'm an 80's Valley Girl.

Me and my friend Leslie :D

Jazzy(a bffl) dressed as Kerli(a singer)

My bffls Bipreet and Laura(from left to right) BTW, Bipreet is Sooki from Jersey Shore. Laura's a bee. :)

Jessica as Minnie Mouse. :)

My wivess: Laura and Jessica <3 :) from left to right

Jessica and Bipreet

So, yeah. Those are the only pictures I can put on here. Hope you liked them! Byeeee! :)
PS: Yes, Jazzy went around carrying a sign that said I'M NOT LADY GAGA. Because people kept asking her if she was Lady Gaga and it annoyed her. :)


Jodie-Ann(01) awoke one night(02) feeling rather
hyper(03), and not only that, her butt(04) was
large(05) and touching her shoes(06). She
fanned her face(07), wiped the sweat from her
boob(08) and realized there was only one explanation.
She was only seven thousand(09) years old and she was facing
menopause. To be sure she could walk(10) she made her way to the
kitchen(11) and jumped on (the) table(12). Ah ha!
Just as she suspected, she was one million(13) pounds heavier
than the night before and there were hundreds of(14) new
wrinkles on her belly(15). Her emotions began to swing
crazily(16) from depressed(17) to even more depressed(18).
She needed (a) cheeseburger(19) ASAP! And where was the phone?
She had to call the laundromat(20) to do something about her
underwear(21). No answer! Blast!(22) she screamed
before falling on her dog(23) in a fit of tears.
Zero(24) minutes later she didn't remember a thing till
her eyes(25) began to cramp and a(n)
cheesy(26)-like chill made her nose(27) quiver.
Someone was going to pay for this and might as well be
the dog(28).

I got this from  and it's so awesome. Try it out and amuse yourself. :) Lool. Just switch my underlined words with yours. :D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What IS Love? *Guest Post By Ashley*

What IS Love?

Ashley, the lovely author of this absolute awesomeness. :)
A question I hear a lot is "what is love?". Different people have different meanings for it. Some think it's a pure, strong feeling of affection for another, some think it lasts forever, some think it equals sex.

I think love has many different forms. Love doesn't necessarily have to be for a significant other. Although, if your other is significant then I hope you love them. You can have love for your family, your friends, your pets, your job, your hobbies. The point is, love is about caring for someone/thing.

There's a saying, "no man is worth your tears, and the one who is won't make you cry". Some say that love isn't supposed to hurt. But it can, and that fact doesn't mean it's not love. Sometimes that pain can lead to more pain, sometimes it can help lead the way to a better, happier life. No love lost, no love found, right?

Love is not a tool for manipulation. Many people try to use someone's love for them as a way of getting things. If someone loves you, don't take advantage of that. It's unfair to force someone into doing something with "you'd do it if you LOVED me...".

Some people think that love is about putting the one you love before yourself. I guess that can be true, but you shouldn't overdo it. It's not smart to always think about the other's happiness before your own, and I say this from experience. Yes, you should always consider the other's happiness and welfare, but don't try too hard to make them happy at the expense of your own happiness. A good relationship needs happiness on both sides, and if you're throwing yours aside to make someone happy, then there's a problem.

SEX IS NOT LOVE. Having sex with someone does not mean you love them. Your love for someone may lead to sex, but don't jump to the conclusion that you're in love with someone because you've had sex with them.

It is possible to love more than one person at a time. One person may make you feel special in one way, and another person could make you feel special in another way. You might love one in one particular way, and love the other in a different way. This can obviously apply to family and friends, but also romantically.

Love can come and go. Sometimes it leaves a big, painful emotional scar on you, other times it just slowly and quietly fades away. Sometimes it'll hurt, sometimes it may even be a relief. But the fact that it's gone doesn't mean it wasn't love, and sometimes it just leads to a different sort of love. Breaking up with someone you love may just lead to a friendship sort of love, or maybe just affection. Things don't have to end with any mutual hatred or awkwardness.

I'm not much of a christian (okay, or at all..) but the one line I remember from the bible well is "God is Love". You are supposed to learn love from God, not hatred. Don't quote me on this, as I'm not some bible interpretation expert, but I think God would want you to love (or at least not hate) everyone. Don't hate people for their different views, lifestyles, etc. Instead, treat them as a human being, the way you would want to be treated. I'm not going to go into a God rant, that could get lengthy. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, there's my opinion on what love is. Where is this coming from? My relationship with my boyfriend has not been going well over the past few weeks. So, does anyone have any advice on crumbling, unhappy relationships? I could use some.

xox Ashley

*This was a fabbity fab guest post by Ashley at The Usual Shenanigans. So CHECK HER BLOG OUT! Since this post is totally awesome and her blog is also totally awesome. SO GO AND BASK IN THE TOTALLY AWESOMENESS OF IT ALL!! :D And follow her. All of you. Please? :D You'll LOVE her. :D 'Cause she's awesome. It's a Nike moment so JUST DOOO IT. -Jodieee*
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Would You Rather! Tag Post, Peeps! :D

Be extremely beautiful or extremely intelligent?
-Extremely intelligent. You know why? Because, maybe you'll be super pretty and whatever, but you'll be really dumb. And... yeah... that would kinda suck.

Go without brushing your teeth for or washing your hair for a year?
Washing my hair. Because since I'm African American(fully), my hair is really nappy and stuff. It has the kind of texture that doesn't get dirty quickly. The only good thing about my idiotic hair.

Be rich or famous?
Well, if I'm famous, aren't I rich? So, I would rather be famous and that will get me rich. :D

Be able to sing or be able to dance?
I can already do both. P:

Be stranded on a Desert Island or in the Desert?
Uuhhmmmmm... On a desert island. For the simple reason that I can get water to drink. :)  And probably fruits. Yumm.

Have a computer or a TV?
A computer! Because if I have a computer, I can do all the things a TV can do AND what a computer can.

Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life?
Spots. I love spots. Maybe I can be a dalmation or something. Join Disney. Turn out like Lindsay Lohan. :D

Drink out of a teacup or a mug?
A mug. Teacups are so propper. Iickk. I don't like being propper. :P

Receive a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates?
A box of chocolates. Why? Because it's FOOOOD! I love foo. Oh, God, I want chocolate now...

Have a hug or a kiss?
A hug. :) Hugs are fun. Of course kisses are fun as well... but... not when you kiss random people. o_O

Wear Converse or Stilettos?
Converses. Stilettos are painful. Sexy but painful.

Be a fairy or a mermaid?
A fairy. I always though mermaids were odd since they can't walk. They have no legs! Now that is very, very suckish.

Coffee or Tea?
Tea. I lurrrrrve tea. With a passion.

Live somewhere sunny or somewhere cold?
Sunny, please! I already live somewhere cold and I don't quite like it.

Have an amazing house or an amazing car?
An amazing car because I can always LIVE in my car. Plus, I can drive anywhere I want. Whereas with a house, I'm locked in it all day because Ii wouldn't have any mean of transportation.

Be kind or funny?
Funny. :)

Be hated or be a hater?
Hated. Because at least i can feel good at myself knowing that I don't start any beef. Or maybe I started beef so people hate me. Oooh... then maybe that wouldn't be so great, huh?

If you had to choose, lose your sight or hearing?
My hearing. I love to read. And there's no way in Hell I'm going to struggle to learn braille.

Have lots of money or lots of friends?
Lots of friends because I won't be a loner.

Love or be loved?
Love. :) I love to love.

What to do now if you've been tagged:
1. Copy the Would You Rather picture and put it into your own post
2. Answer all questions
3. Tag others

Thanks, Oliver for tagging me! Now, on to my own tagging!
I would like to tag: 
Hanis at I don't Do Boys
Miss Bobo at Rockinglicious
FeliciaShortii at Complications and Randomness About Life
Ashley at The Usual Shenanigans
-Jodie-Ann :D

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If A Girl is Like A Drive Through...

...then she's no girl at all.
There are some girls who are just... I don't know... slutty. It's horrible. Like, girls at my school go around rolling their skirts(we wear uniform) super short. It's ridiculous! And on free dress days, they come to school in leggings and sweaters with nothing underneath.
It really saddens me. It's so depressing to see girls acting like that. A girl shouldn't have to be naked to be sexy. But, that's clearly what they think. On Facebook, I saw a picture of two girls in their bras and underwear. Why are they doing this to themselves? I wonder: do they think it makes them look attractive? Sure, maybe some pervert finds it super hot and goes out with them. But, he'll be dating them not for love, but for sex
I was talking to this girl I know, who was talking about it. She told me that she was at a friend's house and these girls met this guy the same day and one had sex with him. It didn't disgust me, just made me feel really bad for them. They're fifteen years old! Why can't they understand that they're beautiful with clothes on? That they will be thought of as beautiful and sexy for what's in their minds. Sure, they'll get married one day to the pervert, but they'll end up divorced.
Trust me.
PS: So sad...
PPS: No, not really.
PPPS: Okay, well, a little sad. 
PPPPS: But... not that much...
PPPPPS: Okay, I'll be quiet.
PPPPPPS: So very sad... 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Defying Gravity

If clouds and God and love make up Heaven, then what makes up Earth? What makes up the air we breathe? What makes this world we live in so special? So different from Mars and Jupiter and Saturn and Your Anus. What?
Is it the fact that we have humans? That we all thrive to live well? To be well? Are we living well? This life is filled of mistakes and pain and suffering. What happens to those children who have no food to eat? Those horrible people who murder for pleasure? They have a lot of publicity. The people with AIDS. The people in Africa, India, living in poverty.
But, what about us? Little old me? What about me who sits in my room every night and dreams for something better? For a life I love. For a being that I love? To have love for myself. To wish to come home everyday. I know that there is something better out there; I just have to find it. I have to find a life where I can be me and be appreciated for me. Where I don't have to put on a smile everyday so that people don't ask questions. I want to truly be happy. I want to live. 
Where is that marvelous place?
 No one but the sincerely happy know. Sadly, for me, finding it is just as hard as defying gravity.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Looking For Guest Posters!!

I am looking for guest posters. :) I haven't had a guest poster since August. So if you'd like to guest post, go to my guest posters page. You'll get all the information you need from there. :) And remember, guest posting is good because...
-It can get you more readers on your blog. Because people will read your post here, and if they like it, they'll go to your blog.
-It's cool. :)
-It'll make me happy. :D
So guest post!!!! :)
PS: I encourage you to go and check out the other guest posters' posts. Just to see what I accept. :)
PPS: They're in my sidebar.

The best Day of my Life.

My idiotic computer keeps disconnecting. It's mucho annoying. I think it's because I have a Windows Vista. I almost died. No joke. I am addicted to blogging and my stupid computer wasn't working. ARGHHHH!! Anyways, it wasn't so bad, I suppose. Seeing as I went to my friend's house. :)
We played Trivial Pursuit on her Wii and we had spaghetti for dinner. :) This was yesterday, by the way. It was the best day of my life. Le meilleur jour de ma vie. I'm serious. I won't tell you why hanging out at her house was so awesome because people I know might read this blog one day, and I don't want them to know. But, just believe when I say that it was the best day of my life.
When i got home, my evil setpmom surprisingly didn't bother me. I think it was because she was sleeping. But, this morning, she asked me what time I got home. Then, her friend, Nadine came over and she was talking to her about me. She was talking in a really bitchy way and it pissed me off a lot. But, I stayed in my room and played The Sims 3 and calmed myself down. Then, my brother and I talked badly about her and it cheered us up. :) I LOVE YOU, JERMAINE! :D
So, yeah... best day ever.
I LOVE YOU ALL! I LOVE YOU WORLD! MWAHHHHH, MWAHHH!! Oh! And I am no longer single. ;)
Yes, i am very happy today. :)
PS: I think that being in love has made me in a VERY good mood.
PPS: Yes, I am in love. It may seem that I am too young, but trust me, I'm not too young at all. :) I've been going out with this person since May 8th, 2008. Well, not counting the breakups. The breakups never lasted long anyway. (:
PPPS: It was a Friday. :D
PPPPS: Now off to shave my legs! :D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who do You Live For?

Who do you live for?
When you wake up in the morning, who do you think of?
When you brush your teeth, who do you not want to have bad breath for? Or who do you want to see those pearly white teeth of yours?
When you eat, why are you eating? To satisfy hunger? To gain a little weight?
When you try to lose weight, who are you losing it for? For that guy/girl you're crushing on?
When you get dressed, who are you dressing for? Your friends? People who will see you on the street?
Who are you living for?
I'll tell you what the answer should be: You. You should be the answer. You should be living for no one but yourself. When, not if, I get dressed in the morning, I am dressing for me. When I brush my teeth, I want to have minty breath for myself. I need to do eevrything for myself. You are the most important person in your life. The one person you can count on. You can't count on your mom or your brother or your friends. Correction: sure you can count on those people, but you can never be 100% sure that what you want to happen will happen in their hands. In your own, yes you can. More than 100% sure.
Live for yourself.
Be yourself. Yuo be you, and I'll be me. :)

Throw off the Clothes of Responsibility! Sounds Appealing, Doesn't it?

"Throw off the Clothes of Responsibility and Jump Into a Pool of Freedom."
In English class, I'm reading one of the most boring books ever made(in my opinion): The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. it's terribly boring. Anyways! That's not the point of this post. This post is about happiness. Most of us aren't happy in this world. Why?
Why don't you smile?
Okay, maybe not cry. Tears of joy? :)
Skip to where you have to go, don't walk! Walking is boring. Or, an even better word: tedious. Love that word. (:
Talk to people you don't know, aka strangers. I suppose you shouldn't talk to strangers on the street for they might turn out to be murderers or rapists or anyone else in that nasty category. (ugh.) However, talk to people you've never spoken to at school. At your workplace! In the shower! :D
Okay, maybe not in the shower. o_O
Anyways, BE HAPPY, MES AMIS! :D I have a new song for you to listen to. It made me laugh the first time I listened to it. It's called "Dance wiv me" by Dizzie Rascal and Calvin Harris. (Yes, it's spelled like that) It's actually pretty cool. 
SO! Smile. :) At least for me. Because you love me so much. Oh! And I have 90 followers now! Yay me! I am super dooper happy. Also, you can expect me to make an award soon. I already know what I'll call it, so I just need to find a picture and edit it and etc. So... expect some of you guys to be awarded.... And I am always looking for guest posters because I LOVE GUEST POSTERS! So, come on! Email me.... I don't bite!
PS: Yes, rawr was meant to show that I actually can bite and not that I love you in dinosaur language.
PPS: Not that I don't love you guys or anything...
PPPS: Okay, rawr. There. One to tell you I love you, and another to say i actually do bite.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Thong. Let's see what the dictionary has to say about it.
*30 seconds later*
LOL! I found many definitions but these made me laugh:
 "The Thong is a garment worn either as underwear or as a swimsuit by both women and men. The garment from the front can look like a regular bikini bottom, but on the back the material that holds the front up is reduced to a minimum. ..."
I didn't know men wore thongs. XD And this one...:
"G-string: minimal clothing worn by stripteasers; a narrow strip of fabric that covers the pubic area, passes between the thighs, and is supported by a waistband"
Worn by stripteasers? It's not only stripteasers that wear thongs, you silly old dictionary. Many women wear thongs. And sometimes not to look sexy but to cover lines through clothes. Bet you never thought of THAT now did you, online dictionary?
Anyways, I've never worn a thong before in my life. I asked my step mom if I could buy one when i saw them in the store and she was like "Why?! Why would you want one?! It's very uncomfortable. You wouldn't like it. Do you ever see me wearing thongs?..." And she continued. Meh. Doesn't bother me. I'll probably buy one when I'm older. Just to see what it feels like.
My older step sister, who i actually like, told me that it's not uncomfortable at all. You barely feel it. I thought she was BSing me, but she always wears thongs. It's kind of funny, but that's almost the only underwear she wears. She loves them.
Oh, and I've also wondered about lingerie. You know the whole thing with the straps and everything. One day, I am sooooo going to try on a set. Then, I'll get a whip too!
...Okay, maybe I should have kept that to myself... Oh well!
So, anyways. What are your experiences with thongs and lingerie? Okay, maybe you shouldn't tell me about your experiences with lingerie, but I want to know about the thong ones. :)
PS: This is super duper random, but do you think I should make a Blogger award? I really want to make one. But, I have no clue if there's a special way to make them? o_O If anyone knows, tell me S.V.P.  :) Or maybe I could just make a picture, name it, and give it out to people just like that?
PPS: Je t'aime beaucoup, mes amis! Mwahhh! Mwahhh!(those were kisses)

Silly Youtube and Their Copyright Infringement. *SMH.*

Not exactly the same message, but the closest I could find. :)
It really, really annoys me when I hear about a movie that is apparently AMAZING yet I can't watch it. Why, you ask? Because of an idiotic copyright infringement. I suppose i could always buy the movie, but that would be a waste seeing as I don't watch movies over and over again. o_O Youtube is so annoying. Today, it took me hours to find The Lovely Bones online to watch. No joke. I went on Youtube(the first place I always look for movies to watch) expecting it there. However, every single video I clicked on, was either deleted by Youtube, or it was just a commercial video for people to go on a certain website. I hate the websites they suggest because you always have to do a stupid survey.
I hate surveys. They take foever to end. Then, when you get to the last question, they ask for your cell phone number. :/
Anyways! I went on Yahoo Answers(I was NOT giving up because of evil Youtube) and asked there. Thank God someone else had already asked the same question. So, I simply did what the people who answered said to and BAM! I had my movie.
In the end, it was a disappointment anyway. It wasn't as good as I had expected it to be. I just finished reading the book so I decided to compare the movie. And I'm seriously. JUST finished the book. As soon as I closed the book earlier today around one o'clock, I turned on my computer and searched for the movie.
Youtube is so odd. I once put a song I had downloaded off Frostwire into a video I made and the video was apparently violating copyrights or something. I can't remember because it was really stupid and I ignored it. They didn't delete my video yet so... I'm guessing I didn't do anything wrong?
PS: OMG. What if I get in trouble with the police for a copyright thing?!
PPS: I'm kidding. I know I can't get in trouble with the police for something as stupid as...

Saturday, October 16, 2010


She runs through the rain, soaked to the bone. Her clothes cling to her body, slowing her down to a snail's pace. Her life flows before her. She watches around her as her family eats dinner. Then, later, as her brother plays video games. As her sister applies makeup to her already masked face. She stares at her parents, holding hands.
She can't take it. She grabs rocks, sticks, anything that will do damage lying around her on the sodden ground. Screaming, she throws them all at the windows of her too-perfect home. Her family is oblivious. The house remains untouched. Unbreakable. She marvels at this but does not give up until her arm is exhausted. She cannot throw anymore. Another scream rips out of her sore throat and she vanishes into thin air.
She is gone.
Her family does not even notice.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Suicidal? Me?! No way!

Today, the oddest thing happened. I was in science class first period(we have 4 periods in a day) and I got called down to the office. So, of course, I freaked. I was thinking what in the world?! What did I do now?
I walk down to the office, worrying and then, I saw Ms. Tanya. The school psychologist... sort of. I forgot the name of her job. xD Anyways, when she saw me, she asked, "You're Jodie-Ann right?" Or something along those lines.
So I said awkwardly, "Yes..."
Then, the two of us walked down the hall to her own personal room. While we walked, she talked about random things, scaring me even more. She sounded like someone who was trying to find things to say. When we reached her room, we sat and she started immediately talking about why i was called in. She said that a student's mother called because their daughter/son told them that I was talking about having suicidal thoughts, and is it true?
I told her that while in my mind, I was thinking, OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG WHO IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?!  While I fought to hold back tears. I don't even know why I felt like crying, I just did. She asked me some questions and I answered as truthfully as I could. She asked about my family and I told her the truth: they're assholes.
Then, she asked if she could invite the school nurse to sit with us and talk. I said she could. The nurse(Ms. Claude) came and asked me the same questions that Ms. Tanya had. I answered again and we got into the issue of my low self-esteem. Yay. I just love that topic. (Sarcasm) Then, they started talking about how I'm pretty and shouldn't feel so down about myself. They cheered me up a little, I guess. Then, Ms. Tanya told me to write a list of about ten things I like about myself to show her on Monday. I'm probably going to do it tomorrow.
PS: I told Jazzy about it and she was shocked. I don't think it was her.
PPS: Fee wasn't at school today. Well, she was here in the morning but then later, she was gone. Maybe she went home. I shall text her now...
PPPS: I texted her but she didn't respond yet.
PPPPS: Don't worry. Ii could never kill myself because of my craving to become an author AND I could never leave my brother with my horrible step-family AND I want to have children and give them good lives AND I want o be a psychologist.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Falling in Reverse...?

Hey, guys! I would like to call attention to zee poll in my sidebar. It is a question on what YOU think Falling In Reverse means. It's a band name. :) My bffl Jazzy was telling me about them and said that Falling In Reverse means to fall backwards. Like fainting and whatever. However, I think that Falling in Reverse means to jump. Because, clearly, if you are falling, the opposite(in reverse) is jumping. Isn't it? So, I have no clue where she got the falling backwards thing from. {ILU, SPAZZY! :D} Anyways, the poll is in my sidebar people! please vote! It only takes like five secs. (Please don't ever say the word "secs" aloud. You sound like you're saying sex.)
Oh! And something really cool to do. Say this out loud:

I dunno if you know this one already, but I failed epicly trying to figure out what it meant. It took me like ten minutes and then I cried out, "OHHH!" And started laughing hysterically. My family thought I was insane.

PS: Tell me about your experience after figuring out what this means.
PPS: If you're like me and failed epicly trying to figure it out, email me and ask what it is. I'll tell you. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yes, and how do you FEEL About That?

Hey, guys. I have thought of a new career option for myself. :D No, it's not a serial killer. Be serious, people. :/ What? NO! It's not a clown either! Hmph. :l Anyways, let us be serious now. I have thought of a wonderful job that would be AWESOME for me to do. You know what it is? Do you? Do you, do you, DO YOU? Hmmm? Oh, for God's sakes! It's not a lawyer either. Do I LOOK like I want to be a lawyer?
Me when I'm enjoying myself. :D Hypernessssss.

 BTW, this was during my shopping trip.

Me normally. Well actually, only when I'm posing for a picture. :D
I didn't think so. Anyways, I want to be a... Psycologist! :D How cool is that?! What? Yes, Im serious! :/ I thought it would be super cool. Because then I can use my excellent social skills *wiggles eyebrows*
Image me wiggling my eyebrows. :)
and my wish to help people all the time! AND it even has to do with the human body, and it can't get any better. But, wait- IT HAS! It's even about the brain! That is so awesome! :D I am a huge geek when it comes to the human body. That's my favourite part in science class. I just love bodies! I know... that probably sounds wrong. Anyways! :) Psychology here I come!
PS: Yeah... the journalism job isn't working very well for me. Doesn't interest me anymore.
PPS: I still want to be an author though. You can expect to see my published books out maybe around the time I'm eighteen or something. MAYBE. They must be edited. And re-edited. And re-re-edited. And edited many, many more times before I show them to the public.
PPPS: Don't worry, I'll sell them here for you guys with a discount. :D
PPPPS: That's how much I love you guys. (:
PPPPPS: I gave in my resume and Timmy's application form to two different Timmy's restaurants. Cross your fingers for me! Let's hope I get the job. :)
PPPPPPS: I got another One Lovely Blog award from Sam! This is my third one and second in a month! Amazing. Thanks, Sam!!! :D You're more awesome than the human brain. :) 
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Oh... the Perks of High School...

The most interesting things happened in history class yesterday. No joke. Ii'm usually bored like Hell in history class. No, I'm kidding. I'm actually sort of interested sometimes. SOMETIMES. And only because I'm interested in the past. Anyways. That particular class i was bored, because, well... it was boring. o_O
So, Felicia and I were in class. I've talked about her a lot. :) I was with Jazzy as well. I've talked about her a lot too. So, I was sitting beside Fee in class and behind this girl Latifa who was sitting beside Jazzy. Our teacher, Mr. P, has put on this French movie. Only a few of us in the class could understand it. Because the guy was talking too fast and in this really boring nasal French I didn't feel like trying to comprehend. So, we all gave up and started talking. Fee and I were laughing like crazy over something. She was talking about the French movie saying, "What dii rass? Dis iz Chinese?" Her accent cracked me up(Jamaican) and I was laughing like Hell. Jazzy was looking at us strangely and Latifa and saying something about how she doesn't understand the video and laughing. So, as you can see, we were enjoying ourselves very much.
Then, this girl, B, I'll keep it at that just to be safe, said something. I wasn't paying attention to what she said(I never do) and didn't here exactly what it was. Latifa did though and she said, "It's common sense, B!" She didn't say it in a mean way though. Just stating a fact. Sort of in a monotone.
then, B said, "Shut up!"
So, of course, Latifa said, "No, you shut up!"
Then they started yelling at eachother. I was too shocked to laugh. Mr. P
stepped in then and said, "Girls, girls, please-"
But the girls didn't hear him because they were yelling too loud. Surprisingly, there was no swearing involved. Anyways, B stood up and said something along the lines of, "Whatever. I can't take this anymore."
"Yeah, leave," Latifa said. And B left.
That was when I started laughing. I couldn't help it! B just seemed like such a drama queen that it was hilarious.
PS: Oh... the perks of high school.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanks, Mom.

Seeing as it's Thanksgiving, I have decided to say thank you to my darling mother who passed away when I was four. I'm not going to make this a long post because I know that I'm going to start sobbing later because of it.

So, I just want to say that I miss you, Mom. I love you very much and wish you hadn't left us. Especially with that evil woman you were sort of friends with. v_v I hope you're enjoying yourself up there in Heaven. Maybe you're partying or something. I wish I could join you. Would you let me have a sip of your wine? (: Say hi to Grandpa for me. I miss him. A lot. I wish that I was older when you left us. Maybe you could have seen me grow up, become someone. Maybe you could have showed me how to work computers and teach me to use floppy disks.(I can't figure out how to use them. I don't think it matters much anymore though seeing as technology has advanced) And you could have shown me how to write a perfect CV. Sometimes, I look at your pictures and wonder why God took you away from us. Why he chose you to get cancer and die. You never smoked... and I don't think you had any history of cancer. So, why did you get it? Why did you die? Why did you leave me, mom? I'm left with my evil stepfamily who I don't like at all... I know, this probably doesn't sound like a thank you letter so far, but it is. I want to thank you for being the wonderful person you were. I want to be just like you when I get older. I want to be the genius you were. :) Yes, I've been listening to dad. Haha. I want to thank you for... being you. For passing on your traits to me. For loving me when I was a spoiled brat. For changing my diapers. For rocking me in your arms while I cried for a reason you probably didn't understand. For pulling my hand away from a lit candle at my second birthday party. And for so much more... I love you, mommy.
Thank you.
PS: If you are feeling depressed after reading this(I know I am), read this post and cheer you up.

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, I had a website with Piczo. You guys know what Piczo is right? This website where you can make your own website? I have to admit, it actually is pretty cool. I used to go on it very often. Now... not so much. The last time I worked on it, was a while ago. Like two years. I used to be addicted to it like I am now with Blogger. If you'd like to see my website, click here. Don't laugh! I know it's pretty lame. I was twelve or eleven when I started it. I stopped working on it when I was thirteen, almost fourteen. Haha. I didn't spend much time on it.
Anyways! I have a horrible spelling error in my welcome message at the top of the page. xD I suppose I was trying to say "Hope you like it" but ended up saying "Hoe you like it" Bahahahahahaa!! Sorry about that. Lol. So... enjoy! Or whatever... lol. And remember my age when I did it. xD
PS: I really like the background on my website. lol.
PPS: I suggest you see the riddles page. Those are pretty freaking awesome.
PPPS: Salad Fingers is amusing. It is highly recommended that you watch it.


This is a very random and short story... thing about two guys named Jared and Conner. This is their very weird conversation that I just made up last night. Hope you like it. Or at least I hope it makes you smile. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jared: I have a joke.
Conner: 'Kay tell me.
Jared: There were two muffins in the oven getting baked. One said "Wow! It's hot in here!" And the other said "Oh my God! A talking muffin!"
Conner:*confused* Yes what?
Jared: To what you just said.
Conner: That doesn't make any sense! Do you even know what I said?
Jared: Yes.
Conner: What did I say then?
Jared: I don't know.
Conner: But you just said you know what I said.
Jared: Yes.
Conner: Yes what?!
Jared: I'm agreeing with you.
Conner: Agreeing with me with what?!
Jared: I don't know.
Conner: OH MY GOD! You're such an idiot. Shut up.
Jared: No.
Conner: No what?
Jared: I don't know.
Conner: OH MY GOD!
Jared: Yes?
Conner: *swearing and storms off in annoyance*
Jared: *turns to you, the reader* Yes?

*Characters are fake!!*

After reading this post, show me your facial expression below. (: 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ye Olde Posts.

Remember back in the day(in June, haha) when I had like... the oddest posts ever. Like... one about how evil Barnie is? And how stupid Axe Commercials are(they are super dumb)? Oh! And I also posted something about how bikini waxing looks like Hitler's moustache in your undies. Silly, I know. But, hey! I was just beginning.
I also wrote a post that became very highly viewed. Not many people commented, but, it was super popular and got my blog tons of views. This is post is... *drumroll* Religious Outfits: Should They be Worn in the Americas? Yes, this post(because of how controversial it is) got soooooooo many reads. So, you can feel free to check them out. I really want to put the related posts thing under my posts... but I used to have posts with pictures and I didn't like them so I deleted them. But, when I put the related posts thing, the posts I deleted are still there.  However, if you press on one, it will take you to an error page. I don't want to do that to you readers so... I just took it off. But, because of this, my older posts don't get read. When they're actually kind of cool. :D I really like the one about Hitler's moustache in your undies. Oh! And I found this website where people were worshipping Hitler. I almost barfed. I sent an email to them cussing them off(of course, this is Jodie). I didn't get a response. Whatever. I bet they're all crazy people anyway. Because I don't know how anyone can think that what that beeep did was right. Arghh! I'm going to stop because I'm going to start ranting about Hitler. You wouldn't want to see this rant because there would be ALOT of swear words and it would be extremely excessive in length.
PS: That beeping little beeeeeep.... SHUT UP, JODIE!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Practice Safe Lunch, Use A Condiment.

Hello, everyone. Today i really want to talk about FOOD. It's very yummy(well, some foods are yummy) and good for you(some are good for you)! So, eat and eat well and I'M KIDDING! :D I got you all there didn't I? Oh, God. You should have seen your faces! :) Bahahahaa. Okay, I'll stop.
I actually want to talk about sex. :D Of course. Hehehehe. When i was shopping with my friends at the mall a few days ago, i saw this really funny t-shirt. You can read about my shopping experience here. Anyways, I saw this shirt that read "Practice safe lunch, use a condiment." I loled for quite a while, but then it stoppped being funny. Because if you think about it, so many couples don't follow this advice. Unless you want to have children then okay whatever. Congratulations. But, there are so many unwanted pregnancies that it's not even funny. And guess which country has the highest teen pregnancies? Guess, guess, guess!
Yeah! How'd you know?! The U.S.A.! I'm right next door to you guys since I live in Canada. :) Anyways!! This is very sad. I'm not sure if it's because teens are not learning proper sex-ed in schools or if they're just too lazy to go and buy a pack of Trojans. Seriously. They're like... how much? I don't know. I've never had to buy one. Anywho, ladies, don't make your boyfriends have to buy condoms all the time. You can get some yourselves. It's not just their responsibility. Also, even if you are taking birth control pill, use a condom as well! You never know. Birth control pills are not 100% effective. And neither are condoms, so don't rely on them all the time. Also, they can rip and everything. So, please, for the love of God! Do not rely on just one form of birth control. If you have a child in high school, how can you do well? What with all the stress of a child and everything. I'm not saying that having a baby is a burden, God no. I want a baby, but when I'm married and probably in my late twenties to early thirties(if I'm not married by then, I'm using a dating site).
So, please! SVP(French)! Bitte(German)! παρακαλώ(Greek)! per favore(Italian)! Practice safe lunch and use a condiment!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Sister's Twin

BTW, BEFORE YOU READ THIS! This is super random and also very sexy. So... reader discretion is advised. :)

Sam's fingers wove through my hair, pulling my face to his. I blinked rapidly, my breaths coming hard and fast. His eyes darkened and his lips parted, fanning his sweet breath on my face. His eyes closed and his hot mouth loomed over mine. Touching, melting me. I gasped and gripped his arms tightly in my hands.
The kiss was absolutely amazing. I didn't feel guilty in the least. Not with his face pressed against mine.  Not with my breasts squashed against his wide, muscular chest, sending a strong thrill through my body.
But then.... it was over. I knew it. i could tell by my sister's voice. Her fury. She yanked us apart and I cried out at the sudden lack of warmth. My sister screamed and slapped me. I barely felt it. My eyes were on Sam, who looked horrified.
It served him right.
He deserved whatever my sister was going to give him for kissing me: his girlfriend's twin.

*This is not real. The characters are all made up! I don't have a twin. Haha. I just randomly thought of this and typed it here. Hope you like it. Feedback is welcomed!*
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People Who Cyber Bully: You Should be ASHAMED of Yourselves.

Seriously, this is starting to get super annoying. I'm serious. I don't understand why someone would try to hurt someone over the Internet. Don't you have better things to do? Don't you want to like... I don't know... play with a kitty or something? Feed your fishes? Ride your bike? Seriously, why would you want to bother someone for no reason? I don't get it. You'll have to explain this to me. Is it because you're bored? So you've decided to make someone else's life a living hell so you can amuse yourself? Tu veus t'amuser? Why don't go go and watch TV. Or you could always do the suggestions above but they kind of suck so... :)
Anyways! For people who are being bullied: IGNORE THEM! I know that this isn't easy seeing as they're probably bothering you like a gazillion times a day, HOWEVER. It is possible. Like my science teacher says "I once made 1+1=3. No joke. Anything's possible." She's awesome. She said she forgot how she did it, but that it's absolutely possible. I have no clue if that's BS or not. Because I really thought that 1+1= window. So.... I have no clue where she got 3 from. Anyways, ignore them. Don't respond to anything and TELL SOMEONE. You may think it's not going to help, but it will. You can even involve the police. They can track the computer(remember IP addresses?) and find out who it is. Cyber bullying is ILLEGAL. So, do yourself some good and get rid of those nasty people.
BTW... one of my BFFs Felicia made a blog recently! :D She has become addicted to blogging now. And, to support her addiction, check out her blog! :) Help her get a good start. Thanks, guys!
Complications and Randomeness About Life.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shall I Make A... LGBT Page?

Greetings, fellow humans. I have decided that it will be an absolutely marvelous idea to create a LGBT page. See, I made a poll in my sidebar. I got only 3 votes so far, and one vote was by someone who does not know what LGBT stands for. Henceforth, for that person, LGBT stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered  :) There! That's all cleared up, now isn't it??
Now, on information on the page. It's going to be a page about my favourite novels, movies, etc. on that particular topic. You can comment and etc. on that page ON THAT TOPIC. Maybe you are a homosexual and want some... maybe guidance? Maybe you're questioning and want to see what it's like. Or, maybe you're straight and just curious on homosexuals in general. This would be the right page. I'm very... I suppose you could say interested in this topic. So, I love reading books and watching movies on it. I actually just finished an amazing novel about two lesbians last night. SO GOOD. Anyways. if you'd like this page, ANSWER MY POLL IN THE SIDEBAR!! If you don't answer it as a well(I don't know why you wouldn't want one but... okay!)
But, most importantly, I don't want no and I mean NO mean things said. If I make this page, I don't want people commenting things like "Ugh, you people are so nasty", etc. I have seen this before and never want to again. Someone's sexuality is THEIR BUSINESS AND THEIRS ONLY.
Now, I shouldn't see anymore What in the world is LGBT?!?! votes. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This is so Depressing.

I can't do anything right. Every single thing I try, I screw up. This is so depressing. You may be wondering at this moment: Why is the usual happy, flamboyant Jodie-Ann being all depressed? Well, maybe because I am depressed. Okay, I'll explain what happened.
My stepmom asked me to cook rice. So, I put some in a pot on the stove. I did what I was supposed to(put water slightly above the rice, put salt) and left it to cook. She also told me to put on chicken so I did that as well. I kept stirring the rice and whatever and the chicken and then left them.
My stepmom came down to serve out the food and called me down two minutes later. She said, "Didn't I tell you to put salt in the rice?"
I replied, "Yes. I did put salt."
"No, you didn't."
"I did," I repeated. She looked at me and said, "Taste the rice. It's saltless."
I waited a bit and then tasted it. It tasted fine to me and I told her so. She flipped and exclaimed, "You ever seen me make rice like this?!"
I didn't respond.
She said, "And the gravy in the chicken is all dried out. You left it too long!"
I didn't respond.
She gave me my plate of food and  sat at the table and ate quickly. All the while, she's walking around, making me nervous.
Ahh... isn't my life wonderful?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Are You Gay?

Are you gay?
Am I gay?
Is the person who will hold my hands as we walk side-by-side going to be a female or a male?
Is the person who will lay with me late at night, whispering lovely things in my ear a girl or a boy?
Will I carress and be carressed by her or him?
Will I ever fall in love? Will our lips touch? Will we meld as one and become something new? Something beautiful and raw that will draw power from evrything around us? Maybe we will me ousiders, outcasts, watching the world around us without envy, for we are our own people. A tiny tribe of two. Who will that be? Will that be she or he?
Who will I breathe "I do" to once the time has come? Who will claim me as their own?
That simple question returns us to our first:
Am I gay?
However, there is an even more important question protuding from the shadows of the first:
Does it matter?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shopped Till We DROPPED! :D (Not Literally)

Hey, guys! I went to the mall today for birthday shopping. You guys said you wanted to see pictures, right?? So, here they are. Probably the first time ever I'm putting up pictures. :)
Jessica covering her face with some... thing. I have no clue what it is. And, my friend Felicia pretending that she is riding a dog. Oh. That sounded wrong. 

My friend Jasmine making two thingies have sex. o_O I dunno what those things are called. BTW... Notice her super long nails? Yeah... it's best not to piss her off.
All of them with their... things. from left to right: Jasmine, Felicia, Jessica.

Jessica and Felicia picking the nose and ear of a statue. Do not ask. Please.

So, that was my FANTASTIC day out with my friends for my birthday. (As you can plainly see) It was a lot of fun. :D Oh! And we also made a DEE-LICIOUS soup out of leftover poutine, Sprite, Pepsi and Orange Crush Soda!

Doesn't it look great?!

Friday, October 1, 2010

100TH POST!!!!! >:O

This. Is. My. ONE HUNDREDTH POST! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Super dooper happehh. (: I can't believe it! From June 17th 2010 to now... October first. Amazing! Shocking! Stupendous! Flabbergasting(love this word)! I will need a while to fully wrap my head around it... Okay, it's wrapped around it.
I really want to thank ALL my readers and commenters. (I feel like I'm at the Oscars or something) I'm so happy that I have people who are very faithful to my blog. :) (OMG I feel so bad, Ashley.) Thanks for making me continue to write. Because, I have to admit, at the beginning of this blog, I gave up. First of all, I only had two followers; one was my BFF Jazzy and the other was ME. Sad, huh? Yes. It is. So, I got bored with it and stopped blogging. If you look at June, you'll notice that there's a big gap somewhere. But, then, I for some reason came back on my blog and continued blogging. I went on Blogger help and talked to everyone I saw. I went on people's blogs, commented and linked back to mine. I submitted my blog to multiple search engines. I fixed up my content, made it funnier. I improved. So, thanks, guys. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thanks for sticking with me through the super boring, the funny and the incredibly stupid. :)

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."
- Benjamin Franklin

F to the I and F to the Teen :)

Hello people. I have a very important message to announce... yes, yes, listen very carefully. Or read... whatever, o.O On the 28th it was my birthday! :D Henceforth, I am now fifteen years old. I am soooo happy. Well... a little. Sorta. Okay not really. Just a little bit... I'm going shopping tomorrow(Yay me!) at this really big mall. Super excited :D Maybe I'll take tons of pictures and put them here. Would you guys like to see pictures? I dunno... if you want some, I'll put some. :) Because I'm planning on taking my camera. So... yes. Very excited. My facebook wall is like... FILLED of happy birthday wishes. I gave up trying to respond to all of them so I just wrote on my FB thought thingie "Thanks for all the bday wishes!!" :D Yes, I am one lazy fifteen year old girl. (: But that is why I'm so loved, no?
I usually don't write about my life... but it's a special occasion today seeing as it was my birthday. So, I get like... a VIP thing. Haha, I need a VIP thing on my own blog. FAIL. Anywho... two classes sang happy bday to me. It was amusing. And one of my friends Felicia made me a cupcake! :D It has blue frosting and as I walked down the halls at school eating it, everyone stared. No joke. One of my friends called out "Aw! You're cupcake!" I was like IKR. So cute! :D Yes, I am also super odd. Oh! Sorry, guys for rambling on and on and on and on and... okay shut up, Jodie.
PS: Do you want to see pictures?? :)
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