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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You're Too Fat(A Rant)

You know what's really evil? Let me tell you: The Media. They. Are. EVIL. You know, like, Gossip Girl and Digrassi and whatever.They're all EVIL. Sinister. You know why? Because they're... they're... I don't even know which word to use. I am just so sick and tired of girls and women feeling bad about their figures.
I really hate it when a girl says "Oh, I'm too fat." Or "Oh, I'm too skinny." Or if someone says that a girls' breasts are "too small" or if a girl isn't pretty. How do you know? What defines someone's beauty or the "perfect breast size"? The media! That's who. If you think about it, if we had no TV or not Internet and whatever else(not that I don't want these things... I need them for my survival), their would be nothing to compare to! A girl wouldn't see someone skinny being portrayed as beautiful and ugly as "fat". She would just think she's normal, wouldn't she?
Also, who cares of a girls' breasts are small? First of all, they're small compared to what? Secondly, why would you want big boobs anyway? Apparently they hurt your back AND they must be super awkward to have sticking out. Seriously. I'm happy with my small ones.
Whether a girl is skinny or full figured, they are perfect in my eyes. Or guy of course. Because this media problem is hitting guys as well and just as hard. So, don't think I'm bashing you males. I'm just saying girls because they're easier to relate to seeing as I am a girl myself.
To me, everyone has something beautiful about them. Whether it's their lips(my fave feature on me), their eyes, their cheeks, their hair... but everyone has at least ONE beautiful thing on them. Some people are gifted with many, other with only a few. However, no matter how many few beauties you have on you, your personality should eliminate them all. Because it should shine threw so brilliantly that all people see is your heart. if you're the nerd, be the nerd! At least you'll be getting very far in life. If you're the tomboy be the tomboy! Does it matter?! Just be yourself. Because if you pretend to be something you're not, you'll regret it.
Trust me, I'm a doctor.
(No, not really. Please do not trust me with your health.)

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WEFA said...

Can you help me with (random medical problem)???? ^.^ Agreed totally! I sadly fall to this vanity problem though. I know I have a problem but I tell myself I do it because I want to make my life healthier (a good goal) for my reason I want to loose weight, but I do see the selfish side. I ONE HUNDERED EIGHTY PERCENT agree with your spot on big breasts, I have them and they are painful. I am jealous of girls than can easily go without a bra and who don't have to worry about having their own "chest top" table to catch everything.
If you can bear it, try going without TV for a week or two. (okay some people can barely go a day, but whatever you are comfortable with. I went without for a year) you will have a much better value of self worth.

Kaleena J. said...

This is going to sound way cheesy, but sometimes, cheese is good. I think what makes everyone beautiful is how everyone looks different. If everyone was skinny and the all American cheerleader stereotype, everyone would look bland. So I sit here with my gut slightly hanging over my pants and i am proud!!!

fizzee rascal said...

I'm glad I have small breasts. Manboobs are the worst

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Amen, sister. So true. (Well, except the part about having large boobs...I'm a size D-cup. :-P)

-French Bean

Jay G said...

I agree with you about being yourself, but I don't think that media is the only culprit within these beauty definitions. Society plays a huge role in creating what is seen as attractice or not. In europe during the famine periods, large women were seen as attractive because it was rare. If women ate allot it was a sign of wealth also. In todays american curltures, people are overwheight because food is easily available to anyone, making the ones who manage to stay skinny seen as beautiful. Media helps to portray this image but society definately defines it.

Fiona said...

I LOVE this! <3 But quite frankly, I'm confident about myself and how I look, and I feel that everyone should too. :D But when have you ever heard anyone say "I'm too skinny?" x] bahaha

P.S: There are certain parts in Africa where a slight mustache fuzz on your upper lip is considered attractive. ;) So you never know what beautiful is. :D

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Lol, WEFA!! I went without internet for almost a year and when i got it back, I didn't even care.
And so do I, Kaleena. Can you imagine a world with everyone the same?! Dun-dun-dun-dunnnn... the horror! D;
And fizzee, they're called moobs. xD Teehee. Moobs never fail to amuse me.
And French Bean, you're a D-cup?! HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL. O.o I'm like... a board compared to you. lmaoo.
And yeah, Jay G... that's true. It's not only the media that ruins peoples' lives. :)
And Fiona that's so weird! Omg! Lip hair?! Rofl!!! That's so awesome though... it's like "wait... the guys are coming... let me put on my fake moustache." xD I'm sorry but that amused me. :D That's super cool though.

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