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Saturday, September 18, 2010

You get an 'E' for Effort!


Hey, guys! Today, I want to find something controversial to get a good convo going on. However... I probably won't get a really big one, because I never really do. Lots of people read my posts, yet few comment. :/ Anyways! I want to know, should students get graded on effort? Or should they get their mark from results?

See, some people believe a student should get a grade from effort. So, basically, if they work super hard and suck up to a teacher, they will pass with flying colors. Even if they failed all their tests, etc miserably. I find that incredibly stupid and unfair. What about the students who don't have to work very hard to get good grades? What will they get? They will be showing no effort, so they'll fail, wouldn't they? That's very stupid.
If someone isn't understanding something, they should stay after school. Or at lunch to understand whatever it is that is not understandable. But, they definitely should not get a grade for it. It's not right. At all. Because what will happen once they're in college or university? The teacher's not going to say "Oh... well, I know you're working hard... so here's an eighty percent!" Yeah, I don't think so. What do you guys think?

"If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers."

— Edgar W. Howe

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ruairi said...

I think it should be a mix sista...

When kids are young and grades dont matter, grades should rely on exams.

For collegiate level students, I think a broader system should be used...tha said Im slightly biased. Im a music student, so I have recitals and auditions to prepare for. :-) Love a good discussion, lets hope it gets going :-)

angela said...

I think effort should make a difference, but we shouldn't be graded on it. If we honestly tried and the teacher sees, I think that should be taken into consideration. After all, everyone thinks differently, not everyone is good at the same things, and if someone is struggling but is really trying to do well, I think they should at least pass, not necessarily with a good grade like an A, but still pass.

My one teacher did that, my geometry teacher. I was trying really hard and always asking for help and stuff, and still failed the final, but she said since I was trying so hard, she'd take all the extra work she never collected (she'd give us hw every day, but only would collect one a week) and count is as extra credit so I passed with a D. It gives the kid in question a boost of confidence that someone noticed that they were working hard, and they should be rewarded for it, even if it's just a little.
If teachers continue to say "you tried but it wasn't good enough so you still fail", it'd demotivate the students a lot, and I saw that often in school.

Kamila said...

Hey I'm new to your blog and I'm loving it <3
Anyways, about your topic, I think efforts even if not graded at school goes a long way even after school or college. It's not your grade that we're talking about here, but your individuality growing, I guess.

JodieeHeartzYou said...

@ruairi: Hehe, I agree with you. It should be a mix. That's a really good idea. :D
@angela: I agree with you as well. That's awesome what your geometry teacher did. And, yeah, it would demotivate students. So, I suppose that effort should be taken in consideration... a bit. Lolz.
@Kamila: :D Yay! I'm happy you like my blog! And I agree with you as well(I'm seeming to agree with everyone!) And yeah, effort really goes a long way.

Shu said...

It's a conflicting idea.

If it were a perfect world, everybody would be graded on their results. I think this because the teachers have to think about the future of the students. There are some things everybody HAS to know before they get out of school. What are the odds that if the teacher passes them for effort that they will look back on the material and learn it for their own well being?

It's something I think about when I'm doing homework and it gets me down. I think "What the crap? Why am I learning this? Why can't the teacher just give me a B because I'm up at 3 am doing work she assigned at last minute and NEVER went over during the hour and a half class period?"

Truth is, it's rewarding to turn in a paper the next day. Even if I do just get a B-. Not for the effort, but for accuracy and correctness. I believe that if you truly work hard, you can pass anything.

Effort is what's needed and you shouldn't be given credit for something that you aren't providing enough of.

If the teacher fails you, it should give you encouragement to work harder on the subject and take the coarse again the next semester or year.

In my opinion, effort grades are pointless.

Miss Bobo said...

Actually I think students should get graded on effort too because if they aren't good test takers and they are trying their best by participating or doing papers or etc at least they are trying. I am not saying students should be graded only on effort just that effort should be considered because it is rather unfair that someone who is just being lazy in participating or discussing gets an A because his or her tests are perfect or whatever. Effort should be considered because students aren't perfect. Effort is also showing how much the students care about the class

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Lolz, I'm happy this actually got a discussion going. Thanks for the comments, people. :D
@Shu: effort grades are pointless. Yet, they should be used a LITTLE. Just a tad bit. Just to motivate the student a bit. (:
@Miss Bobo: I totally agree with you. :)

Shu said...

True, but wouldn't it make more sense for the teacher to give them another chance to do better if they so choose? It would persuade them to work harder to do better the second time and it wouldn't be an effort grade.

I had a physical science teacher two years ago. I thought he was the most evil man in the world because he would only grade on correctness. He didn't care about effort. He only cared about what we knew. Two years later, I'm taking chemistry and the teacher really doesn't know what she's doing. She does grade for effort, but I feel I'm not learning anything. And that's the whole reason I'm in her class, to learn.

My physical science teacher's cruel treatment and vehement knowledge-shoving habit taught me things. My chemistry teacher's lack of concern for what we know is making me feel dumb and uneducated.

I personally would rather work harder and be graded for what I know so I can sleep well at night knowing I will, for a fact, pass the graduation exam the first time.

I guess it all depends on the student. If the student is a slacker, then no. There should be no opportunity what so ever for them to be graded on their effort.

Though, if you think about it, that's why they have different classes.

I don't know about anyone else's school, but our is divided by our grades. I, myself, have been placed in all AP classes.

Now, I know everybody learns at a different pace, and I respect that. But it's frustrating to see people in other classes pass by with flying colors when they barely put forth any effort.

Like I said in my previous comment, I'm usually up late doing homework for whatever class. Most of those other kids are out doing stupid teenage things.

Sorry to ramble, but you've really gotten me thinking. :/

JodieeHeartzYou said...

I'm the same as you. I have like no social life. Well, actually no. I sort of do. Not much. Lol. But whatever. I know that one day, when I'm the fabulous journalist I want to be, the people who flitted about dylly-dallying and doing teenage things... they're going to be the ones living off of coffee and cigarettes.

JodieeHeartzYou said...

And it's good that I got you thinking. I like rambling. (:

Shu said...

Having no social life is quite a bummer... It's also part of being a blogging band member that really has no time for anything else.

Band consumes 3-4 hours of my day at least 3 times a week. Usually more.

Since we have a competition this week the whole band is being pushed to it's limits and has been deprived of it's Saturday off to sit in the stands with a bunch of other musically talented teenagers with no life.

In all, we kind of all live a life of our own. The "nerds", "freaks", "weirdos". So stereotypical... Haha!

Now, back to you're comment...

You would make a wonderful journalist. I'm amazed by the topics you choose and they usually inspire me to write something or listen to a song. Never give up on that dream. :)

EXACTLY! It makes me want to turn around and back hand whatever idiot is walking behind me in the hall because he's talking about how he just slapped his paper together and got an A+ while I'm a walking zombie due to the fact I wrote something 10% better because I stayed up so late. Yet, I still get a lower grade.

I was having a conversation about kids like that the other day. I hate to say it, but where I live, there are a lot of buffoons who smoke pot, cigarettes, drink, and have children at 15...

It's a face palm to our society.

But yet, the teachers are still letting them pass because they think they will do fine in life without knowing what's in the books.

Then they just let it blow right on by. Many of them claim they have great dreams for the future. At this point, I can't help but think of how many beer cans they may have in their rusty old pick up truck at that very minute.

Probably 3 six packs...

I had a wonderful example of an effort grade today...

We were in Health and it's meant for sophomores, but unfortunately, only ONE senior in there is present because his schedule was messed up thanks to his dedication to band.

I don't know about the other two seniors, but there are like 3 juniors there.

Everyday, only one really comes to the point of pushing us all to commit a murder.


Today, we took a test. 30 questions. Open book. Easy.

Not for him.

He sat there and TALKED to the girl next to him.

When I finished my test I tried to muster the most evil look I could and told him to finish.

He laughed and said he was almost done.

I'm amazed I didn't get in trouble for my reaction, but I said a wordy-dird in anger (Which really isn't like me) and I pointed out how he was only one question 13. The first ten were vocabulary.

I hope he didn't strain himself too much...

Then the teacher took his paper and he's going to pass just because he isn't capable of learning anything in the class. Nor does he put forth the effort. But he passes.

He also passed him for CPR for an effort grade. I studied for about 3 hours before the actual test.

Shu said...

But he gave effort grades for the practice and watching the video.

He was sleeping during the video and he would have punctured a choking man's lung with how poorly he performed CPR on the dummy.

And he dropped the dummy that was supposed to represent a choking baby.


If I were this teacher, I would not have passed him. I would have sent him to be tested for mental retardation.

I don't mean that to be funny, I'm being dead serious.

I'm sorry, I'm getting off the subject of effort grades.

He angers me.

Now, if you think about it. We all have friends who are a few french fries short of a happy meal.

They don't grasp things as easily as you may. I know I probably sound like a crazy old librarian who is tired of helping kids all day, but help them. Sit them down and tutor them.

It would give them confidence to do better and it would also give them the pride of having a friend that cares enough about their future that they would take time away from something they need to really be doing to help. I'm fortunate enough to have friends like this.

If you sit down and study and try to learn you are putting forth an effort that could grow into great study habits. You're grades will get better and you will not have to worry about effort grades.

Colleges aren't impressed with effort. They are impressed with GPA's.

How would it feel to get into your dream college thanks to your grades, but you get booted because you're failing by the end of the first semester? Because you don't know the material and expect the teacher to go all "Oh you poor baby, you're trying so hard" on you. They won't. They would sooner cuss up a storm and embarrass you.

I'll tell you how it feels... It's like a slap to the face. There would be NO encouragement given because to their eyes, you would just be another dumb student who doesn't know what it's like to learn. Why? Because your grades revolved around effort.

Shu said...

Sorry, I wrote like the longest comment ever. It never dawned on me that I have a limited amount of characters.

I can't figure out how to delete my last comment, but it wasn't even half of what I wrote...

I'm apologize, I won't comment you're post.


Shu said...

Comment bomb*


JodieeHeartzYou said...

Lol! Shu I LOVE this!! Omg...!! LMAO. I simply love this comment. xD And that's so cool that you're in band. What instrument do you play, btw? All I can play is the recorder. And barely, just elementary school level. LOL! Oh and I would have done the same thing about that lazy dude. Haha. And where do you live?
And thanks for the compliment about the journalist. :D I didn't know I chose good topics. I think they're kind of... alright. I lack a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. A certain creativity. (: Well, I'm 14 so I'm learning. I mean, if you look at my posts from June, like my first post, OH GOD. They're horrible.

Shu said...

Eh, being in band isn't really something I'm usually proud to admit. My section leader, drum major, and every other living soul in the band would have just murdered me with their instrument if they ever heard me say that...

It really is a lot of work.

I played clarinet my first year in band, but I hated it. It was really awkward to play such a small horn when you're one of the largest person in the section.

Especially if the section leader hates you and thinks you're an idiot because everything goes wrong apparently revolves around the rookies.

It was depressing, so I switched to alto sax.

It's a larger horn and I'm now surrounded by a lot of guys who are WAY bigger in body weight.

It's kind of comforting and less intimidating.

I used to think playing the recorder was just like a clarinet.

It was a epic fail on my part.

Did you ever play it for your school?

Music is a great hobby, but I don't see it getting anyone anywhere in life beyond college.

Please don't take that last statement as a "You should never play a instrument as long as you live" but more of a "Don't wrap your life around something that isn't going to take you very far".

I do love music, don't get me wrong. It's just I worry more about my grades...

I'm glad you agree. Violence is against my religion (no biblical reference intended), but that guy just does not belong in a class full of AP sophomores.

I live in northern Alabama. Basically in the middle of no where. Around here, a traffic jam is a few cars behind a tractor.

It's really quite sad and it gets really boring, but the quiet life is nice. I've never lived in a large city, but from my short visits to Chicago and Washington, I know I would go completely mental if this place got anymore exciting.

I'm just a boring person. HA HA!

You really can write and inspire. After reading this post, I wanted to rant on my blog about how many idiots I think there are that shouldn't be passing at my high school.

But with my luck, somebody would read it and understand it's about them.

Though, it would take a few hours for them to sober up enough to fully understand.

Gah, that was mean.

You have a wonderful creativity. I realized from reading your blog that you write about issues and ideas. Smart people write about ideas. Dumb people write about each other. I write mostly about myself and that's something I hate the most about my style of writing.

You can think of questions to ask and know how to express your opinion without using "I think" or "In my opinion" too much, or at all that I recall.

That shows you have admirable writing skills. Keep it up. :)

I doubt it. I've read some pretty sorry stuff in my short time of being a "blogger". Your work stays on topic.

The other stuff I read would go from their boyfriend to what somebody is doing next to them to apologizing for going to the bathroom and that's why it took so long to finish the post.

Pure stupidity.

Yours is wonderful and you will continue to improve. :)

JodieeHeartzYou said...

@Shu: Thanks so much! You made my day! Mmwahhh! (Yes, that was a virtual kiss. xD) And no... I don't play any instrument for my school. However, I am in the school play and I love it. I love acting so much. It's definately a passion I have hehe, other than writing.

Shu said...

I'm glad. :)

Whoray for virtual kisses! xD

What play are you doing? Theater has always interested me, but I could never imagine learning lines... Nor am I at all comfortable speaking to a class of 20 students...

But I can blare my horn in front of 200.


You would do well. I would love to see you write a play one day. :)

JodieeHeartzYou said...

It's a play that's at a theatre. Lolz. The only reason we're getting to act in a theatre this year is because one of our teachers works at it. So, I guess you could say she gave us VIP passes. Because she usually hires professional actors/actresses so yeah... :D
And that IS ironic! Haha! I'm the same. Sorta. But the reverse. I can act infront of hundreds but I can't sing infront of anyone. xD
And noooooooo... can't write a play. No, no, no... haha. I KNOW how to write one, because I take drama classes in school. So we learn how to do all those things, write a script, how to do a good dialogue, etc. But... nahhh... Thanks anyway!

Shu said...

Envy! What kind of plays have you gotten to see?

You like to sing? I wish I could... The two guys by me in band can sing. It's amazing. I avoid watching the video I have of them because it's just something that sounds too good for two guys with NO singing lessons to do.

I think novels are a good thing to write as well. I'm working on one now.

It was going to be a play, but it got complicated keeping up with who was who. :P

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Lol! Humour. I can't watch any others, I get bored. :)
And yes, I love to sing. Hehe. And I think that everyone can sing (look at Rihanna. Her voice is fake) just with a lot of practice.
And that's cool that you're writing a novel.
Haha! :P That's what scripts are for :P

DustinSaysImsure! said...

Hey, I know you shu! XD

Jodie-Ann said...

Bahahaha I suppose that Shu is very popular.

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