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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Should Cigarette Smoking be Illegal Like Marijuana?

Poor Kristen. BUSTED! She's still my fave actress though.
 I have a question to ask you all: Why are cigarettes legal?! I really don't get it! Marijuana and Tobacco are both terrible for you, so why and I repeat why are cigarettes legal and weed not? Hmm? I seriously don' get it. This post might seem a bit crazed... that's only because I feel very passionate about the absolutely vile creation called a cigarette. What, why, how...? Why?!?!
First of all, it stinks. Like hell. It smells worse than weed. When someone starts smoking near me, I walk away immediately, not caring about their feelings. They brought it upon themselves anyway. And, if someone just smoked and sits beside me on the bus, I wait a bit and then get up and go somewhere else because they stink. Like literally, the smell is so bad it disgusts me.
Not that I'm trying to make weed look good, but why is that illegal and cigarettes legal? That makes no sense. I don't even get why people would smoke! Because it's "cool"? What's so cool about it?! It's incredibly stupid! Why would you subject your body and your brain to that torture?
Cigarette smoking needs t be stopped. It has gone on far too long. It's not good for you, and it's stupid. Sure you feel great when you're high. But, do you know to what cost? It's not normal for someone to eat four plates of something and then stare at wall, completely intrigued by who-knows-what.

"I'm not really a heavy smoker any more. I only get through two lighters a day now."

Bill Hicks. (This quote amused an saddened me at the same time.)

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Daniel Hough said...

I agree that cigarettes are horrible. The reason they are legal is because they can be taxed quite heavily- basically the government gets loads of money from them. If they were banned the money the government gets would be significantly less, same in pretty much everywhere I think.

angela said...

Weed is illegal because it alters your state of mind, cigarettes don't. There's an age limit for smoking, but not for weed since the government doesn't want us smoking it anyway, since it changes your thought process, so you can't make logical decisions, and can put your life and others at risk, like driving while high. Hence why it's illegal.

I hate cigarettes too. My friend Mikey smokes them, has been for a while and he's only 18, and when we hang out, he tries to not smoke around me, but since he's addicted to it, he can't help it. I don't think cigarettes should even be MADE. Have you ever looked at the ingredients to make them?? There's RAID in there, the bug killer. Among a few others. It's just bad period.

I just started college, and the campus is nothing like HS. Everyday I walk around and at some point, I'll smell smoke. It's supposed to be a "smoke free" campus, but they've got designated smoking areas, and because of all the construction, people hide behind it and smoke there too.

Also, I love how Kristen was stupid enough to light a bowl in public. She always looked stoned to me, her and Robert, and now I know she is x]

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say that-- the government makes SO much money off cigarettes, and to de-legalize them would be to lose a huge amount of money.
Also, not everyone smokes because they think it's cool. Many (my bf for instance) started at a really young age, just out of curiosity. Then got addicted to it, and couldn't stop. I absolutely hate smoking, for good reason, but it's very hard understanding a serious addiction if you haven't experienced one yourself.

JodieeHeartzYou said...

@Daniel: That is so sad. O_o
@angela: Haha, Kristen's a genius.
@Ashley:I seriously hate weed, but I'm still really curious to try it and see what it's like. However, I never would because of the brain issue. And because I don't have the courage. Lol

Jaime said...

I agree. I hate the smell of people smoking. At the same time, sometimes (once every 3 years) a cigarette is the only cure for a bad day that doesn't involve a pint of ice cream.

I live in San Francisco. Here, pot is practically legal. Almost everyone has a "prescription" and the rest smoke pot because "it's going to be legal soon anyway."

If I had my choice, I'd rather smell second hand smoke than pot. Pot smell makes me want to puke. It's like fermented skunk. Yuk!

angela said...

Ugh I hate how weed's been legalized for medical uses. I know it helps a lot with cancer patients and others with similar serious illnesses, so why not just limit the distribution to those who are so sick? There's so many doctors who just write out prescriptions for it. I think there should be some sort of legal test for that.
I once saw a news episode on the new legalization of pot, and they went into a freaking HOOKA SHOP, and the people who worked there of course supported the idea. But here's the thing, there were multiple flavors, like blueberry and stuff, and there were hooka's and bongs everywhere, and bowls, all over the store. Plus a few Bob Marley posters. Now tell me, does that store seem "medical" to you?

But I will admit, these weed lollipops I've had at a hooka shop (my friend took me there since she's friends with the workers, and they're all nice, I will admit, pretty entertaining lmao) they tasted REALLY good. But there wasn't any weed in them, just the extract/flavor.

I'm not exactly fond of either smell, but I'd take the weed, if it's good shit. Only skunk weed smells pretty bad and garlicy. Other good weed smells pretty ok, just weird, at least to me. I'd chose that over cigarette smoke. I can't breath around it.

fizzee rascal said...

I don't think either should be illegal, tbh.

There's more than enough government interference as it is without restricting peoples freedom of choice even more.

Miss Bobo said...

Angela I quite disagree with you in the fact that some cases weed does help people's thought process. In some. I know somebody who was able to make a faster logical thinking process just by smoking one or two puffs of weed. What the reality is is that weed being legalize gives off the idea that people can make other types of excuses to legalize other drugs. The government really wouldn't like people to be intoxicated most of the time because then there is more suing and a chaotic environment because people would be saying they can't get trialed or punished because intoxication is an excuse for their actions. Do you know how many times people say "oh I said something stupid because I was intoxicated" or "i was technically under the influence so you can't say i was raping that guy on purpose" or some other stupid excuse. once you allow something in the mass population there is always a high majority that most of them will abuse it. That is why it is only legal in some states. Just think about it my friends.

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Hmmmmmm... I still hate weed. No mtter what good thing it can do. O_o Lolz. This is a very interesting topic though.

Ffion Erin said...

I agree totally on everything you said about cigarettes. They are disgusting. They smell bad, take all of people's money and worst of all they're VERY VERY bad for you!

Cay said...

Yes, I also hate cigarettes.
Do you know what's in them? Rat poison, tar, ... Really! I cannot understand why people do those terrible things to their body!
In my view cigarettes should be forbidden, but would that be good? I mean, an interdiction always encourages the people to disobey. They are kind of determinded to break the law, aren't they?
You can see that at my school. In Germany smoking is not allowed until you are 18. But many of the younger students (from 13 to 17) want to be cool, they start smoking cigarettes. But who cares? No one. Maybe the teachers, but they cannot do anything, because the students are smoking outside school. But you can always see them, blowing smoke into the sky... Terrible!
I also think that it's disgusting when someone near me smokes. Buaah! I always hold me breath.
I hope I didn't miss the topic...
Love, Cay

Cay said...

Oh, by the way, you have a new follower now! :)

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Hehe :3

jacobluver321 said...

Kristen Stewart is my fav actress as well and people act like im pschotic because of it. :)

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