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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Singing With Angels By Oliver *Guest Post*

The Author of This Masterpiece.
What will make you happy? I read in one of my favorite novels that this question will ruin your life. If you tell yourself what it is, you will learn that you don’t have it – giving you the realization that you were never really happy with your life. You will then decide to go for it, reach it, and leave the life you currently have to pursue the life that you want to have… with happiness… but until then, you will suffer with much more sadness – much more than you can ever bear.

Paulo Coelho is such a genius.

Luckily for me, my answer to that question is nothing like the girl’s in the Coelho novel. I don’t want to go away just to find more time to discover myself and what life is about. That makes some sense… for a senseless person. Sorry, I shouldn’t be saying that the idea is stupid. It’s kinda disturbing, though. Will you really want to leave the life you currently have just because you want to try to understand some more what the most profound thing in this universe is? Life, that is? It’s just not the way I see happiness. The story taught me that lesson. The story taught me how to love.

That is why I’m not going to watch Eat, Pray, Love. I don’t have the luxury to go backpacking around the world to, well… eat, pray and love. I can do those things right here in front of the computer. Let me do it now. Eat! Okay, I’ve got oatmeal and a slice of apple. Pray! God, I’m talking to you. Please pay attention. Love! I love everyone! So… maybe girls would love to do it. Guys just won’t. It’s a pain in the ass… I mean in that back pocket where you place your wallet.

So what makes me happy? Really simple things: getting passing scores in exams, spending time with people I love, being alone while listening to music, seeing trees and greens, and doing what I love. I don’t always get passing scores in exams. That means I get sad sometimes. Who doesn’t? I don’t always spend time with people I love either. I also don’t always spend time being alone while listening to music, even seeing trees and greens, and I don’t always do what I love. I even get forced to do things I hate. Chores and integrals, who hasn’t heard of those things? What a sad life.

When I come to think of it… I think it is the way I discovered happiness, by realizing how sad or incomplete I get without those things that make me happy. We need to understand that happiness is, by nature, a luxury. We don’t get it everytime. That’s why we become happy whenever we get it – because we just don’t have it all the time. This ain’t heaven on earth, love. There are so many things we want to have but we don’t get them. It’s just a matter of choice, of satisfaction, and of measure of happiness. That is why we have friends, family, and the TV show Friends. We may not have heaven on earth but we do have angels on earth – those people and things that make us happy.

But don’t I get happy when I see people I hate suffer like hell? I do. Define guilty pleasure.

Well, I just randomly thought about this. I just remembered the story and I can’t get it out of my mind so I’m pouring it out here. So what do I want? A lot of things. But what if an angel knocks on my door and gives me just one wish, what will I wish for? Ten more wishes? No. Happiness, definitely. Why not?

Sorry about this very random post about happiness... I was listening to Hey Jude (on repeat in my playlist) and I found myself singing along the whole time. I felt a tinge of happiness.

kudos to the hearts of people who love their lives.

**That was a guest post. Wasn't it awesome?! I seriously LOVE this guy's writing style. Anyways, it was originally posted on Tuesday, August 17th 2010 on his blog( So, if you'd like to see more of this awesomeness, check it outttttttt and FOLLOW, FOLLOW, FOLLOW!! Follow like your lives depend on it! Make me proud, my chickies. You know I love you all, right? If you'd like to be a guest poster, see my contact me page and email me. -Jodie-Ann.**

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angela said...

I don't think she meant leave forever to find herself. Sometimes you just need to take a vacation and have some alone time to think, and get away from distractions. That's what I mean when I say it. Some people have to go out and experience something different from their normal to understand better. Sometimes, reading it or being told about it isn't enough for you to understand.
Like figure skating. You can't go out and do it if someone only tells you how to do it and you read up on it, you have to go try it and do it to understand how the professional skaters stay up and jump and do such tricks on the ice on thin little blades.
To me, staying home and just dealing is a sign of weakness. Like you're giving in and putting up with, instead of going out and doing for yourself.
For me, I enjoy the small things. I've got a post on it on my blog, a few. But having big things to make you happen here and there is good, too. It can boost your mood and your preformance around others and your attitude.

JodieeHeartzYou said...

True. You can't live without experiencing. Because life IS one big experience.

Oliver said...

Thanks, Jodie!

One of my friends actually had the experience of going out and finding herself. I was so concerned. She was missing a lot... she kinda left school. She told me it was an awesome experience and I believed her. I know life can suck sometimes but a little optimism can get you on the right way. That was what she lacked that's why she wanted to seek a path leading to somewhere else.

Life is an awesome experience. You just have to enjoy it every time you can. =]

JodieeHeartzYou said...

My thoughts exactly, Oliver. And no problem! You can guet post on here whenever you want. :) You know where to find my email, so, yeah. Lol.

Miss Bobo said...

Wow Oliver has some wisdom. Sure get a vacation but some people come back and it is all still the same. It really just depends on the person and what they choose. Good post

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Yeah it depends on the person, definately. Some people take a while to be comepletely stressfree because they hold on to things. So, a vacation wouldn't help much for those people.

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