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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bye bye, blogging. :(

I'm very sorry to say that after next weekend, I will no longer be blogging. The reason is that I'm in the USA right now with my uncle who has Internet. Back at my house in Canada, I don't have Internet. I don't know what's wrong with it. It's just disconnected. I'll tell you guys the problem now, maybe one you guys can help me.
So, my network is called RichardAndFam (Richard is my dad's name). Anyways, everything is connected (the plugs and whatever), but no Internet. The modem has a light beside the word "online", so it's online and connected to the Internet(apparently). However, we have no Internet. We have my sister's laptop, my brother's PS3 and my desktop connected to my step mom's desktop. My sister says that she is not connected to RichardAndFam anymore, but to something called Linksys. Or some other name, can't remember. Anyways, none of us have Internet. I don't understand because the modem says we're online. And the computers are connected to it, so it makes no sense!
This happened before too. The Internet just disconnected but the modem said we were online. But, the last time this happened, RichardAndFam never just disappeared. Also, it lasted like a few weeks or month. I can't remember, but I want to get it fixed before I go back so that I can get to keep blogging, and in general go on the Internet.  Please help me. :( I really love blogging.

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angela said...

That sure is weird, you should have someone look at it.

Maybe you have to connect to it manualy, that's what I had to do with my laptop (only after I got a wireless printer, though). You click the little computer screen in the start bar, bottom right n in there will be listed the different networks you could connect to, if Richardandfam is there, click it.

If that doesn't work, maybe disconnect the modem and router, wait about 30 seconds, n then reconnect them (mines a black wire, disconnect those, not the others lol), then do what I said up there.

And if THAT doesn't work, there's a little reset button on the back of the modem, put a paperclip in there or a pencil tip, hold it down for 30 seconds, and then let go, and see if that works, it'll take a minute.

If none of those work, call someone. rofl

JodieeHeartzYou said...

I tried all the plugging out ones. Just never tried the reset button one. So, when I call my sister, I'll tell her to try that. BTW, the people working there don't know doodly squat.

angela said...

Yeah, none of them do. My uncle has to fix everything. It might not even be you, I remember a while ago, the internet box that's on the telephone pole was loose or something and they had to fix it to work.

maybe post your question onto yahoo answers and see what you get there, there's lots of computer nerds on there!

JodieeHeartzYou said...

I did. Trust me, I did almost EVERYTHING. No one responded yet on Yahoo Answers. :(

angela said...

that's really lame.. maybe there's too many people connected and it shorted out??

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Maybe. I don't know... But, I can atleast add posts to my blog from my hotmail. But, I can't fix up the blog till I get internet. Because Blogspot may be blocked at my school lolz. But obviously hotmail isn't.

angela said...

yay for public libraries!!

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Lol, yeah. xP

MIRACLE said...

Hmm... I was visiting my cousins in the US a few weeks ago, and they had the same problem.
I think you should call your netowkr provider (if you're with rogers, bell, cogeco, etc) and get them to come over and fix it.


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