Or, you can just let me keep them here because you love me. :)
WARNING: I rant here. If some of it is offensive to you, PLEASE simply unfollow me. Thank you.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Day: I Guess You Could Call it... Eventful?

Hey, everyone! Today was a pretty... how should i call it... eventful day. I went out with my family to a mall, my step bro got red low top Converses, my step sis got blue low top Converses, and I got Keds!!!! :D I've wanted a pair for a while, so I'm really happy that I got one. :) It's a plain one though: black with white laces. I wanted to get something that can go with anything. Then, we were just cruising the streets and we saw, like, almost a parade of Ghanaian people cheering. They went all out too. Like, they had flags and were screaming and everything. They were celebrating for winning a soccer tournament. And there were ALOT of people!! The police showed up, but that didn't damper the spirits of the people cheering at all. Actually, one person stretched out the Ghanaian flag over the police car's hood. I was LOLing like crazy. But, then the street got way too crowded so my dad was driving around to find a parking space, because we were waiting for my step mom to buy something. So, my dad parked into an alley, and then we spotted a woman starting to drive off. So, we waited but when she drove off, some dude takes the spot. My dad yelled out the car window to him that we were going to take that spot and if he could move please. The guy just ignored him PURPOSELY. So, my dad got pissed. That was when my step mom came back, and my dad got out of the car. He then began to storm towards the guy in the car, and he came out. That's when beeep happened. My dad started yelling at him, and the guy was yelling back. And of course, my dad got his Jamaican accent on  and started cussing and threatening. They were even pushing and shoving at each other, IN THE STREET!!! I was like HOLY SMOKES! My step sis was freaking out and me and my step bro were laughing. My step mom was yelling at the dude too, so yeah... eventful day. Eventful day indeed.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Day So Far: Boring. :/

Ughh it's raining outside. :( So, i'm staying indoors, bored out of my mind. I hate the rain. It's so rain-like. Oh and apparently there was some sort of earthquake in Quebec! I live in Quebec and i'm actually quite... scared. I have NEVER heard of an earthquake in Quebec before! This makes me wonder what's happening here in this world! It's crazy! Earthquakes only happen in places like California and stuff... American places. But for some reason, it's happening here!! D: We are killing our planet! Unless of course it's already dead. :[

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

America: Here I Come!

This month, i'm supposed to be going to America. NYC actually. But, if it isn't this month, it's next month so either way i'm going. I'm going to try and go on this blog frequently to update and stuff. :) Then i can keep you guys informed of all the craziness i'm going to be doing. I'm also supposed to be going to Philly (or Virginia? I'm not sure), for this Amish thingy. It's supposed to be wicked awesome. (For those of you who haven't read my previous posts, i am now going to say 'wicked awesome' alot because of the movie The Runaways) It's basically when you can go on a tour of the Amish society. I'm really excited!!! :D That would be SOOO awesome if i could see the Amish people's way of life! I also might take pictures, so i'll try and add them to the blog.
-Jodie =D

New Segment: Edit!

So, if you've been on my blog before, you've seen the new segment for Jodie's Daily Jokes. Yeah... i think i'm going to change it. Instead, i'm going to make it: Jodie's Weekly Jokes. I'm changing it to weekly, because i can't possibly put a new joke each day... won't i run out of jokes? Plus, i probably won't be on my blog everyday!! So, every Monday, I will add a joke that i find amusing. Or, if i don't go on on Monday, it'll be Tuesday... then Wednesday and so on. You get the drift. Right? Right. Okay so that was my edit :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


I love meez ALOT! I'm a huge addict; i'm always on it! That is because i am ADDICTED to it! I don't even really know why, i'm just addicted. I'm always changing my outfit too, it actually gets quite annoying. The only reason i change my fit, is because i go to rooms and some people are dressed so nicely and i look at MY own fit and i'm like "oh..... no." Then, i change, and go to another room and i see other people and blah blah blah. The entire cycle just restarts! It's... annoying. I can't find another word for it. It's a nusance. Wait, is tha how you spell that word? "nusance"? I shall use spell check... Oh wow! It's spelled like nuisance! :O shocking! Where did the 'i' in nuisance come from?! (Now, i shall start a very short rant)
Don't you just hate it when English words have random letters added in?! Like... knife. Where did that 'k' come from?! And the word "night', where did that 'g' come from?! French words are just long and have random letters in them to make them seem 'g' (as my BFF jazzy says all the time, no jazzy doesn't work). However, English words add random letters to them too but just to seperate the different meanings. Like the words night and knight. Without the k in knight, knight would be night and night would be... night! Henceforth, you would never be able to tell the difference in the words. Like this phrase: "The knight went out at night."  Can you imagine if it was "The night went out at night."? You wouldn't understand that!
PS: I thought that was going to be  short rant, but it actually became alot longer than i thought it would.
PPS: You know you love me, Jazzy. <3

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Runaways: AWESOME!

I just finished watching the movie The Runaways. It was SOOO amazing! :O OMG! I love movies that are in the past because I'm so interested in seeing their fashion and their way of speaking and whatnot... The movie was SO interesting, and... OMG! Definitely amazing. You guys HAVE to watch it. It is a must-see. Seriously... amazing. And there's lesbian action(which i love because i love to see homosexuality because it isn't out there in the Media enough, and it's just wicked awesome because GIRL POWER! *we don't need guys for everything*) BTW, I'm going to start saying "wicked awesome" alot because of the movie. It really put me into a girl power vibe. Now i feel like playing the guitar. (I don't know how) I also really love The Runaways' music. They're so wicked awesome.
The movie really put you into the year 1975 when girls could barely do anything. Like Joan Jett (who is now my idol forever!)wanted to learn to play the electric guitar and her teacher was like "girls don't play electric guitars". Can you imagine a world like that? Where certain musical instruments were reserved for one gender only? Wow. This just proves even further than a history textbook does how far women have come since then.
"Hello, daddy, hello mom! I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! Hello, world, I'm your WILD girl! I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!" Cherry Bomb by The Runaways.
Awesome movie, wait no.... WICKED awesome movie! I'm going to watch it again tomorrow. FOR SUREEEEE!
PS: No kidding, there is ALOT of sexual content, swearing and drugs. Viewers beware.
PPS: That just made it even MORE wicked awesome!!

The Runaways (real)

(From right to left)
Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie
Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett

BTW: Did you know that Cherie Currie was JUST FIFTEEN YEARS OLD?! Holy smokes! I nearly peed my pants! That's scary for a fifteen year old!! D;

New Joke!

"A blonde woman was speeding down the road in her little red sports car and was pulled over by a woman police officer that was also a blonde.

The cop asked to see the blonde's driver's license. She dug through her purse and was getting progressively more agitated. "What does it look like?" she finally asked.
The policewoman replied, "It's square and it has your picture on it."
The driver finally found a square mirror, looked at it and handed it to the policewoman. "Here it is," she said.
The blonde officer looked at the mirror, then handed it back saying, "Okay, you can go. I didn't realise you were a cop." "
I find this joke HILARIOUS!! XD anyways... it's a dumb blonde joke, so blondes, don't get offended. I don't actually believe that blondes are dumb, the dumb blonde jokes just make me laugh.

Source oft this joke:
Check out that site, hilarious jokes!! :D
That was my joke of the day.
-Jodie <3

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Segment: Jodie's Daily Jokes!

So, i have this awesome idea(well, i think it's awesome), to start a daily joke thingy. Like, everyday(or almost everyday), i will post a joke and you, my readers, will comment, i guess. If you find it funny or whatever. Okay, here's my first joke:
There were two muffins baking in the oven, one muffin said, "Holy smokes! It's hot in here!" and the other muffin looked at him in surprise and exclaimed, "OH MY GOD! A TALKING MUFFIN!"
LOL! i don't know i found that really funny. :P Lolz.
Oh and earlier, i was watching Mike Tyson beat up some guy. It was really entertaining. I want to watch the time when he bit off some guy's ear though. That sounds amusing to watch. :3 So, before i was at the park, watching my sister swim and then it started raining so we ran home screaming like wild animals. It was pretty fun. Then, i made spring rolls with my stepmom and my little sister. It was really boring but... whatever. Atleast i get to eat some after. :)
Thanks for reading! Be on the lookout for my daily jokes!

New Follower: Yay!

Hmmmm... hello people! I just got a new follower today. I want to check out her blog, but i have no clue how... O.o confused. Because i clicked on her picture, and it just says add as friend and send a message. Seriously... Confused. Anyways, if you are reading this Lala Boop, please reply to this telling me how to go to your blog. Thanks :D
Oh, and blogspot, i'm supposed to be doing a BBQ today. YAY!! :D *does happy dance* My stepmom's gonna get BBQ ribs and hamburgers so we can BBQ them. :D I like food, yes i know. Oh, and i have a musing. I know, this is my first muse so be prepared, they are ALWAYS very, very random.
My musing is: I wonder if there are pink and blue cows. O.o Can you imagine a pink and blue cow?! I think that would be SO awesome! :D What? No, i'm not high, blogspot. What kind of question is that?!
Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more ridiculous rants, musings and nuances. :]

Friday, June 18, 2010

Religious Outfits: Should they be worn in the Americas?

Two days ago, I was talking with one of my friends, Jonathan. He was saying that if women in cultures where religious clothing is important, like the Muslim one, come to the Americas, should they have to take off the clothing? This has been a heated debate for a really long time now, so i wanted to rant about it.
 In my opinion, the hijaab is alright. After all, it only covers the woman's hair. Plus, it also looks pretty good on some people. BUT!! There's but! What if WE as Americans or Canadians (if you're from the Americas) go to their country, wouldn't we have to wear their hijaab? My friend Jonathan, or as i like to call him, Jonny Boy that they should have to take off the FULL BODY mask thingy. You know, the one that only reveals their eyes. I guess i sort of see his point, because how can we know who that person is? What if that person is lik...  murderer or something? Shouldn't we see their face?? So, I think that Jonny Boy has a point.
What do you think??

Oprah Epidsode: Yuck.

So, a few days ago, i watched this Oprah episode where these pedophiles came on and started talking about like... their fantasies. Really. Like, these four guys. It was... disgusting. Oprah asked them questions like these:
What do you do to put your trust in those children?
What do you do to keep the children quiet? (creepy much, Oprah?)
Wha do you do with them?
When do you do penetration? (Ew. Oprah, stop.)
And others i can't remember. It was really gross. I guess if you're interested in seeing what i'm talking about, you can check her website. Maybe they'll even have stuff on youtube. I don't know, i didn't check. I really don't want to. At all.
WARNING: You might have the sudden urge to kill Oprah when you watch the episode, if you can. Or you'll want to throw up.

Ronnie Radke aka: Bonnie Radke.

I now love Ronnie Radke :) But, I shall keep this post up simply because people seem to enjoy it so much. This is my most viewed post of ALL TIME. I have no clue why, but whatever.**

My BFF Jazzy LOVES Ronnie Radke. I, on the other hand, HIGHLY dislike him.

First of all, Ronnie is like... adrug addict. I know, I know... all rockstars do drugs (well, most of them) but still, it's horrible.

Secondly, he's in JAIL!! Would you really want to listen to a singer who went to jail?! Just imagine what he DID to go to jail in the first place! D;

Thirdly, isn't Craig Mabbit cuter??

(Ronnie Radke the right Craig Mabbit on the left)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bikini Waxing: Hitler's Moustache in Your Undies.

So, i know alot of females wax or shave down there. But it all depends on how much. Alot of women shave the Bikini. Well, that's just odd. Because, the Bikini wax is basically just Hitler's moustache in your undies. Gross much?? Because really, do you seriously want that horrible man's moustache don there? He killed millions of innocent people and HIS MOUTH IS IN YOUR CROTCH!
Think befor you go Bikini.

16 Year Olds: Mature Enough to Drive a Car?

16 year olds can get a driver's license. I. Think. Not. Does the government want the Earth to end in destruction? or everyone to die in car accidents? I. Think. Yes. Let's face it, Blogspot, 16 year olds are NOT mature enough. Well, most aren't. Unless something happened in theirlives that smartened them up. Other than that... no. Doesn't work. 16 years olds shuld NOT be roaming the streets of Earth because of these reasons:
1. THEY ARE NOT MATURE! BTW, if there is a 16 year old reading this righ now, YOU ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH!
2. 16 year olds do not have the years of experience in this world that, let's say a 20 year old does. 20 year olds are ADULTS. Therefore, they can live alone, get a proper job and can do whatever they wish. 16 year olds are basically still children. They still require SUPERVISION. If they require supervision, how in the WORLD are they supposed to drive alone?! DOES. NOT. WORK.
3. Teenage rebellion. If a teen is rebelling, they will want all the toxins they can get in their bodies and that's normal. Because of one sime reason: THEY ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH! They'e going to drink and take drugs and have sex it's normal. So, do you really think they should be driving a car? What if someone is crossing the street and the driver was deciding to "rebel"? The person crossing the street is DEAD! Dead meat! Because of someone who is not. Supposed. To. Be.Driving. Anyways!

Those are the reasons, comment this thingyy.
PS. If you're 16, sorry for saying how immature you are, but if you think about it, most 16 year olds ARE.

The iPad: Totally Pointless

The iPad is POINTLESS!! It just came out, brand spanking new and already millions of ppl have it. To me, i find the iPad really lame. The iPad is lame because it's a mixture of an iPod Touch and a laptop. Why spend so much money on the iPad instead of just getting the iPod Touch or a laptop?! The iPad is so stupid. Especially what they called it. iPad. So stupid. It sounds like pad like when you have your period. So stupid. :/
Like seriously, how stupid can the Mac company get?! This is the most stupid thing i have EVER seen Steve Jobs create. Stupidest. Thing. Ever. I'm surprised people are even BUYING them!
Are they worth the cost?: NO.
Are they very stupid?: YES.
Do they have a stupid name?: DEFINATELY YES.
Clearly, Steve Jobs has lost his mind wth tis crazy iPad thing. Tell me what you think. :)

Barney: Evil!!

Okay, so this is my second post. You know, i'm really getting used to this blogging thingy. it's pretty fun, expressing my opinion. So, this post is about Barney. Well, see Barney is evil for many reasons:
1. He's a pedophile. He is this horrible thing because he sings awful i-love-you songs to little kids. Odd much?? I mean, if you had kids (or if you already do) would you want a grown man you don't know singing i-love-you songs to your kids? It's just a LITTLE bit creepy there, buddehh.
2. He's a dinosaur. That's just scary. He's a dinosaur who dances around and sings stupid songs. Aren't you scared he'll eat your kids?
3. Seeing as he's a dinosaur, shouldn't he be extinct?? That just proves how evil he is. He found a way to survive while the rest of his family and friends(if the thing had any) died. He has found the way of SURVIVAL!!! SACRÉ BLEU!
4. He swore at a kid when he fell out of a tree, resulting in firing from his job. That's just mean. That poor kid.

So ^ are the reasons for why Barney is evil. :)
PS. See the pic? Proves his evil-ness. Proves it pretty darn good too.

Axe Commercials: Stupid Much?

Okay, i'm pretty sure that you've all seen an Axe commercial. Aren't they stupid?! Here, i shall list all the reasons tha they are absolutely moronic:
1. How in the WORLD is shampoo/shower gell/anti-perspirant, etc. supposed to make girls fall all over guys?! That's simply the most idiotic idea. Ever. Thought. Of. In. This. Galaxy.
2. Axe smells REALLY strong. A tip for the guys: don't use Axe. There's Old Spice, which i think smells really nice. Or, if you REALLY like Axe, put just a little on. Because, trust me, we can smell it. And it makes some girls feel nauseous. Do guys really want girls shooing them away because they stink?
3. I'm not sure about this, but since Axe is a popular name brand, shouldn't it be really expensive?? If it is, that's just ANOTHER reason why guys should never use Axe.

I'm not trying to boycott Axe but, their commercials are all stupid (except for the chocolate one. nevermind, that's stupid too. just really cute), they're way to strong and they're probably expensive.

THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG!! :D this is my first one so... don't judge. i shall improve in the near futur. :)

PS Axe is stupid.
PPS. Really, it is.
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